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TV Characters Rankdowns (Will & Grace)


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Rant, but my biggest gripe with Shamless is that Emmy Rossum never got the same recognition for playing Fiona Gallagher the way William H. Macy got for playing Frank Gallagher. I don't care who got top billing, Fiona was the MAIN character and did some phenomenal acting while on there. In my opinion, better than anything William H. Macy produced. The fact that Emmy left because they didn't want to her the same as William will always leave a sour taste in my mouth. Emmy deserved EQUAL pay. ❤️


This scene excels anything William did on the show. EMMY ACTED THE HELL OUT OF THIS SCENE AND STILL BREAKS MY HEART. ❤️ YOU WERE MY MOTHER TOO. 💔

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32 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

I don't think I commented in my round or any round so I definitely wasn't going to comment on this one since I barely cared enough to participate in it to begin with. 

Your participation was enough. :wub:

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15 minutes ago, Steven_ said:



I didn't open the PM yet, but the message preview shows the list of names without any comments.


Perhaps I should've read these messages first. :duh: 


@goofycilla90, you listed Carl twice and Philip is missing in your rankings. You also left the conversation, so you'll have to send a new PM.

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  • Steven_ changed the title to TV Characters Rankdowns (Will & Grace)

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