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TV Characters Rankdowns (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)


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5 minutes ago, *Lily said:

ah totally missed this round otherwise would have joined but obviously will be here to stan Santana/Mercedes!

You can still join if you want. :yes: 

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Rachel Berry 

Kitty Wilde 

Brittany S. Pierce 

Blaine Anderson 

Quinn Fabray 

Santana Lopez 

Mercedes Jones 

Finn Hudson 

Kurt Hummel 

Mike Chang 



Waiting on JC’s pick.

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Posted (edited)


Will Schuester

Sue Sylvester

Artie Abrams

Tina Cohen-Chang

Noah Puckerman

Sam Evans

Emma Pillsbury

Terri Schuester

Burt Hummel

Coach Beiste

Unique Adams

Ryder Lynn

April Rhodes
Becky Jackson
Bryan Ryan
Carl Howell
Carole Hummel
Dave Karofsky
Dustin Goolsby
Grace Hitchens
Holly Holliday
Jacob Ben Israel
Jake Puckerman
Jane Hayward
Jean Sylvester
Jesse St. James
Joe Hart
Kendra Giardi
Ken Tanaka
Lauren Zizes
Madison McCarthy
Marley Rose
Mason McCarthy

Matt Rutherford
Millie Rose
Myron Muskovitz
Principal Figgins
Roderick Meeks
Rod Remington
Rory Flanagan
Roz Washington
Sandy Ryerson
Sebastian Smythe
Shelby Corcoran
Spencer Porter
Sugar Motta

Sunshine Corazón


The next step is for each ranker to advance three characters of his or her choice to the next round. The characters not chosen will be eliminated.


You all have 24 hours to make your picks. If anyone misses the deadline, then a randomizer will decide. You can post your three choices all at once or one at a time, but please post your picks ASAP.


@*Diana @Elliott @*Chris @Solaris @*Amanda @FrogLenzen @totes4totes @*Wallace @1234567890 @JC @*Lily

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