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AI 19 ● Top 12 ~ Oscar Nominated Songs ● Discussion


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11 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

I think we are going to be stuck with Caleb for awhile. 😭

Sadly, yeah. :( 

9 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

@*Wallace’s late replies. :wub:

I'm slowly but surely catching up. :haha: 

7 minutes ago, Elliott said:

We know. The songs were posted five days ago. :dead:

I don't know the songs. :dead: 

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3 minutes ago, jjeem said:

i think he's got a problem.



I mean he’s clearly a perfectionist and has some anxiety. That isn’t a “problem”. A lot of people have anxiety, myself included.

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Just now, joe14 said:

Madison is about to come out here and sing like "rent is due" and will still be DOA.

She also hasn't established any semblance of a musical identity to try and build up a fanbase. Her song choice tonight is just going to make it worse.

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