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AI 19 ● Top 12 ~ Oscar Nominated Songs ● Discussion


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Good think this isn't an acting competition because Grace did a bad job convincing me she wanted to sing that song. "I'm singing this song because it describes my journey, I'm happy" lmao...what and add in the fact we already know she wanted to sing Skyfall. The beginning was fine, great actually, then she went the usual route of trying to make a non-singer or simple song appear bigger than it is. Grace just feels kind of stagnant right now. She's making no gains in the competition which is sad. 


Ava was good. Better than last week. Not familiar with the song but it was nice.

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So the judges and specially Katy will now start playing favourites. Watch who they don't critique.

And LOL at Ava getting contradictory feedback from Luke and Katy/Bobby

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1 hour ago, Brick said:

Love it how AI is pimping Arthur Gunn specifically out of the returning contestants on Facebook. He was the only one shown and heard actually singing, the others just appear 4 at a time on a screen. Are they really that desperate for ratings that they think last season's runner-up must be pimped? I'm not sure he brings any viewers back tbh

Sky Uno Wow GIF by X Factor Italia

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4 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

Not feeling this Ava performance...

I felt like I was at the local theatre with my mom watching some holiday opera show. Meh. 

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