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15 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Finally Grace is doing a performance I like.


15 minutes ago, holinessss said:

judges: sing classic powerhouse songs

grace: dangerous woman?

Lmaoo this is hilarious. :lmao: 

14 minutes ago, holinessss said:

she released a country EP in november... wtf

Wait.... WHAT??? :dead: 

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2 minutes ago, holinessss said:

they're gonna save graham for the bromance with hunter since their wyatt/cassandra ship is over

They have Deshawn and Madison lol 

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16 minutes ago, Brick said:

Pretty great performance from Grace. I do question her musical choices sometimes. For each 5 choices, I love 2 of them, like the other 2 and hate the last one 😅😅

I am not liking her song choices but I love her singing!!!

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Lmao Lionel's comments to Graham sounded like the biggest "thank you for being here but you're going home tonight" comments I have ever heard. :dead:


Probably my favorite performance of Graham's yet but def don't want him through. 


Fingers crossed for any of Madison/Beane/Alanis. Def most want Alanis through but she's probs going. :broken:

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