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I feel like if ava were like 3-4 years older id appreciate her more.


This is a weird song, but she deserved to advance after last night. She needs to pick better songs if she wants to make it much further.

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2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I think Madison's biggest problem is that she hasn't really established any sort of musical identity on this show, which is going to make it hard for casual voters to go for her.

I mean she hasn't been given any real focus from the producers. Add in that she is a little on the generic side. I knew she wasn't getting the votes, but I feel, and I still do, think she has a good shot at the WC. It just depends on who else is competing for the WC at this point. Her performance wasn't as good as yesterday though. 

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23 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Paula's impact :wub:



Yessss please! :wub: 

21 minutes ago, mytake1 said:

Deshawn is under rated.  He's one of the stronger guys.

Mhmmm agreed.

20 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I think he did, but I wonder if they'll actually reveal it.

I doubt that they would.

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