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AI 19 ● Top 12 Live Reveal ● Discussion


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Just now, Elliott said:

I'm not even a Madison fan but her not making her after Gravity when Caleb did is tragique.


I agree. She was prob in my top 5/6 of the night, so she should have got the votes. 


Outside of gravity though, she's uninspiring


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It was nice seeing DeShawn having a lot of fun with that performance. i liked this. :bobo: Very happy he made it via votes.


Well done to Cassandra making it through. I don’t know whether to be upset or pleased about that yet. But ugh she's probably made it over someone i like more. She did remind me of Florence Welch in this performance. I wasn’t too crazy about her performance - but I did like the start of it more than the end of it.

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