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AI 19 ● Top 16 Reveal and Performance ● Discussion

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When you realize someone can now sing Jesus Take the Wheel on Year You Were Born week...

Beane needs to pick better songs now that we’re voting.

I didn’t like that performance at all. 

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2 minutes ago, ScarletDevilCCX said:

It's just unfortunate she had to end up in the same season as Casey. 😏

Gah I get that. I still much prefer Alanis, myself.

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1 minute ago, mikeyace16 said:

Can someone tell me who’s made it so far? Just tuning in 

Alyssa - Graham - Grace - Alanis - Willie - DeShawn


in that order.

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Well that was interesting. The glasses and bow tie making him look like a professor, and it started so sedate but then he went big at the end. Dark horse Deshawn! Why did I ever let you guys make me doubt him; this is my favorite of the guys and I'm not backing down on that. (Well, okay, Chayce is pretty good too.)

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Very good performance from DeShawn. Loved the opening acapella and the runs towards the end. The middle kinda lost me a bit. But really solid overall.

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