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AI 19 ● Top 16 Reveal and Performance ● Discussion


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8 minutes ago, taylorkat said:

I'm glad Alyssa made it, but I didn't like that choice of song for her.


Graham??? Why.

Lol Gigi saying everything I'm feeling right now. :haha:❤️ 

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I was kinda disappointed by Alyssa tonight. :( She had some great moments in there but I wanted her to build it up more and show off more vocal range. Something felt a bit lackluster.


Didn't really care for Graham's performance.

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9 minutes ago, m1key said:

That was an extremely odd song choice for him and he did not do it justice at all. 


7 minutes ago, ShortstopVM said:

"You're an underdog and everyone wants to root for you..."


🥱 🥱 🥱


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Wait, the vote doesn't open until the end of the show? You go, show!


Anyway, not a fan of Alyssa's performance tonight although she deserved to be in the Top 16 based on her performances until now. Graham ironically managed to fix the problem with being "too old-fashioned" on a Frank Sinatra song of all things, and Grace was just amazing.

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Just now, taylorkat said:

Grace blew away Alyssa and Graham, at least. 😛

Yeah she clearly did. :haha:


Gorgeous performance from Grace, but we been knew. ❤️  I feel bad for whoever has to perform after her. 🙈

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