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AI 19 ● Top 16 Reveal and Performance ● Discussion


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Lot of good performances tonight. 


Reluctantly, I have to agree Chayce is killing "his lane." I don't think he'll need to do much to make the finale. (:: fake gasp :: )


My faves were probably Willie. [Giant Gap]. Casey...Chayce I guess? 


But, Alanis and Willie are probably still my faves with Casey sneaking up. 


Cool chatting with you guys 🙂

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5 minutes ago, ShortstopVM said:

Jason got cut?!?!? :shock: :no: :broken:

Ugh so wrong and messed up. 😢 

5 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

Jason was ROBBED

Yep. (!) 

3 minutes ago, jjeem said:

Does this mean Chayce got the most votes?


I mean he's got a good voice, but I like him better last week, this is a bit underwhelming.

No.... it's in no particular order.

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2 minutes ago, ScarletDevilCCX said:



So pissed that Hannah and Mary Jo are gone; they both deserved it far more than Caleb, Colin, or Hunter. Especially the first two.

no way, mary jo is gone? thats unfortunate rip, i loved her from what i saw on YT

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5 minutes ago, joe14 said:

Any word on whether it's 5 girls, 5 guys or just the highest 10 vote getters period?

Think it’s the highest ten period. They haven’t been splitting evenly by gender up to this point

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