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Who are your Top 3 Best (4,3,2,1) Chair turner Audition of all time?

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Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird

Jej Vinson - Passionfruit

Sisaundra Lewis - Ain’t No Way



John Holiday - Misty

Christiana Danielle - Hotline Bling

Kymberli Joye - Run to You



Todd Michael Hall - Jukebox Hero
Will Breman - Say You’ll Be There

Addison Agen - Jolene



Chris Blue - Tracks of My Tears

Michael Sanchez - Use Me

Jeffrey Austin - Lay Me Down

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I started watching from S13 so: 


LB Crew - “Waves”

Joanna Serenko - “All My Loving”

Katie Kadan - “Baby I Love You”

HM: Thunderstorm Artis, Mandi Castillo 



Jake HaldenVang - “Wish I Knew You”

Julia Cooper - “Alaska”

RADHA - “Mama Knows Best”


HM: Raine Stern, Dominic Haynes, Hannah Mrozak


2-Chairs: (the hardest one by far)

Kelsie Watts - “I Dare You”

Janice Freeman: “Radioactive” 

Julian King: “All Time Low” 


HM: Katrina Cain, Kyla Jade, Karen Galera, Lain Roy, Rayshun Lamarr, Tyshawn Colquitt




Jake Wells - “When The Stars Go Blue”

Mia Boostrom - “Pillowtalk”

MaKenzie Thomas - “Big White Room” 


HM: Mandi Thomas, Karly Moreno, Madeline Consoer

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On 4/10/2021 at 1:27 AM, Jyn Mycle said:

I'm surprised you didn't put Cami where you mentioned it in other's thread that it was the best. 😂

cami's blind was the best performance of her season to me. not sure if i said it wrong in the other thread

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4 Chairs

  1. Sarah Simmons - One of Us
  2. Sisaundra Lewis - Ain't No Way
  3. Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold

HM: Thunderstorm Artis, SandyRedd, Alisan Porter, Jordan Smith, Sawyer Fredericks, Christina Grimmie


3 Chairs

  1. Domenic Haynes - River
  2. Amy Vachal - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  3. Juliet Simms - Oh! Darling

HM: Sid Kingsley, Julia Cooper, Rod Stokes, Michael Lee, Kymberli Joye, Chevel Shepherd, Christiana Danielle, Emily Luther, Chloe Kohanski, Vanessa Ferugson, Lauren Duski, Moushimi, Darius Scott, Matt McAndrew, Will Champlin


2 Chairs

  1. Kimberly Nichole - Nutbush City Limits
  2. Stephanie Rice - Piece By Piece
  3. Addison Agen - Jolene

HM: Rose Short, Will Breman, Jaclyn Lovey, Kyla Jade, WILKES, Noah Mac, Janice Freeman, Hunter Plake, Madi Davis, Mia Z, Jacquie Lee


1 Chair

  1. MaKenzie Thomas - Big White Room
  2. Michael Sanchez - Use Me
  3. Jeffrey Austin - Lay Me Down

HM: James Pyle, Mia Boostrom, Chris Blue, Korin Bukowski, Sydney Rhame, Hannah Kirby, Troy Ritchie, Cole Vosbury

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I have a lot of unpopular contestants in my list but its personal preference. Btw this list took me half an hr lol


4 chairs

1. Sandyredd “River”

2. Katie Kaden “Baby I Love You”

3. Thunderstorm Artis “Blackbird”

cami, jordan, alison, desz, sissaundra, joana, and jej are right up there as well! and i didnt forget about QUEEN maelyn

3 chairs

1. Ellie Lawerence “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”

2. Kymberyli Joy “Run to You”

3. Sid Kingsley “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”

i also wanna mention that i loved julia and victor’s audition! and cam! and james violet! and chevel!


2 chairs

1. Kelsie Watts “I Dare You”

2. Stephanie Rice “Piece by Piece”

3. Addison Agen “Jolene”

ryan gallagher, carter rubin, and ESPECIALLY ALLEGRA MILES comes to mind!


1 chair

1. Mackenzie Thomas “Big White Room”

2. Halley Greg “I’m Like a Bird” *robbed queen*

3. Megan Danielle “Remedy”

i LOVED syndey, james, korin, chris, karly, mia and jake wells!

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