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American Idol Season 19 Top 16 Spoilers

Idol Maniac

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01. Alanis Sophia
02. Alyssa Wray
03. Ava August
04. Brennan Hepler (a.k.a. Beane)
05. Caleb Kennedy
06. Casey Bishop
07. Cassandra Coleman
08. Chayce Beckham
09. Colin Jamieson
10. DeShawn Goncalves
11. Grace Kinstler
12. Graham DeFranco
13. Hunter Metts
14. Madison Watkins
15. Willie Spence
16. Wyatt Pike




Group 1
01. Alana Sherman
02. Andrea Valles
03. Anilee List
04. Cecil Ray Baker


Group 2
01. Hannah Everhart
02. Jason Warrior
03. Liahona Olayan
04. Mary Jo Young

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10 minutes ago, Bonga said:

Was that actual result or prediction ?


based on all Top 24 instagram stories, notably missing from the set are Alana, Anilee, Andrea, Colin, Hannah, Hunter, Jason, and Mary Jo, which would be 5 girls and 3 guys so I must've marked someone down wrong. It could just be a coincidence that they haven't been caught in anybody's stories, not sure if they even sent the contestants home yet

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1 hour ago, hazuki said:

How is it possible that Cecil/Graham have even a chance of going through?? 

Cecil is a white country male from the south who has a sob story. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sailed through. :haha: 

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