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i love gihanna's voice, halley was slightly off but i love her tone as well. i'll probably be more generous here with the ratings than most of idf cause of my preferences w tone (also i didnt hear gihanna's pitchiness lol ill have to rewatch cause my stream was cutting out)

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Now if Victor was on Team Blake instead of Cam, I suspect you’d see it the other way around. 😉

Bring Brandy as a coach for S22, tvym.

Durell >>>>>>>>>>>> Keegan

2 minutes ago, Ptones2010 said:

Oh Nick, stop it...that girl did not sound like Beyonce :haha:

Seriously.  I rolled my eyes when he said it live.

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Just now, xfactor22 said:


Didn't deserve it.  Other than her whistle tone, she was nothing.

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Just now, Daillon said:

Sad that one of the most interesting acts is gone, but she was pretty lackluster. I blame the song choice tho.

yeah, she is one of the more unique acts of the season along with raine. it sucks that she's out, but she was pitchy here so i get it. gihanna had some impressive belts and was more on-pitch

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1 minute ago, VoiceFan! said:

I think the pairings should have been Halley vs Ryleigh or Anna and Ainee vs Gihanna. Halley vs Gihanna didnt really work

Yup, Gihanna's voice overpowered Halley's during the harmonies at some points, although when it didn't, and they were both on-pitch, they sounded gorgeous together. I think Halley's power comes in her emoting, not in her belting, so it seems like she's getting vocally destroyed by Gihanna just b/c power is not her strength - which is just fine.

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