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AI 19 ● All Star Duets and Solos 2 ● Discussion


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11 minutes ago, Elliott said:


Ooh thanks. Parts of this sounds familiar but I forgot about this. :haha: 

10 minutes ago, Elliott said:

We don’t know that. 

Lmaooo true.  :haha:  

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16 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Who says she is not?

angry beavers nicksplat GIF



3 minutes ago, BakedMonkeyPie said:

Can someone tell me how Hannah actually got this far?  She’s just not good enough.  Sorry to her fans. I’m just not hearing any talent, just off-key shouting.  :(

Cause she looks like Katy Perry's baby sister. :haha: 

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Okay, went back and watched the ones at the beginning that I missed.


Hannah started strong on her solo, but then she got pitchy. Her duet with Jason Aldean was incredible though.


Jason and Madison weren't good at all. Beane was. It seems like every year, there's one contestant who gets a lot of air time all throughout the auditions and Hollywood rounds, and I don't like any of their performances, and then they hit Top 24 and suddenly it's like "oh, that's why they made it this far!" Beane is that contestant this year. Hated him up until tonight, but he was good.

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Just caught up. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Ava had the best duet out of the entire top 24 BY FAR. Everything about it just worked. She wasn't even on my radar before tonight. Her biggest weakness is she has a limited range on a show where the big, flashy high notes are the main attraction, but she can do well if she sticks to what she knows.


Casey had the best solo performance out of the entire top 24. It wasn't perfect, but I think she had the best song choice overall. Daring, yet it made sense. She's moving in the right direction now. I just need the vocal coaches to talk to her about volume. I feel like she is borderline yelling when she's trying to get the high notes out. She's had the same volume issues all throughout hollywood week so I feel like someone needs to talk to her about it at this point. But still the best solo overall for me. I need a softer song from her now though. She did a cover of "Can't Help Falling In Love" on social media somewhere. Something like that. Oh and work on stage presence. I feel like I have so much for her because she is IT. Everything about her makes sense. She just needs guidance. 

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