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IDF Redoes... American Idol Season 19


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On 5/19/2021 at 7:15 PM, TVshowFAN said:

Voted!😁 First time voting here



And 10 votes so far! I’ll leave voting open until near the end of tonight’s show in case anyone hasn’t voted yet!

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IDF Redoes... American Idol Season 19

Top 5 Results

Last week, your Top 5 sang their original songs,

a reprise and their personal idol.


Only 3 of them will advance to this seasons finale.

Who will it be?


Will it be Chayce, the person who won the season in real life?

Will it be Grace, who made the finale but fell just short?

Will it be Casey who went home just shy of the finale?

Will it be Hunter, who was sent home as a surprise at the Top 7?

Or will it be Makayla, who fell short during the comeback round but has had success

both last season and this season in these redoes?


Let’s find out...




In no particular order, the first person to join the Top 5 is...





































Grace Kinstler



Joining Grace in next’s week finale is...






































Casey Bishop



Which means our two men, Hunter and Chayce, are competing for a spot against Comeback Queen, Makayla.

Which of them will take that last spot and have a chance to win it all?

The person you decided to put through is...
























































Hunter Metts



Congratulations Hunter!

Which means we say goodbye to this year’s winner, Chayce Beckham

and the winner of last year’s redo, Makayla Phillips.

What a talented Top 5.


But now, here are your Top 3 competing for the title in next week’s finale...

Casey Bishop

Grace Kinstler

Hunter Metts


After the break, we'll see the three of them perform again for the last time

before you vote for your winner!

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IDF Redoes... American Idol Season 19

Top 3 Performances


Tonight, your Top 3 will perform two songs, then you will vote.

After the vote, we’ll reveal the Top 2 and they will reprise a performance each before we reveal the winner of Season 19!




Round 1

Grace Kinstler - All By Myself (Celine Dion)


Casey Bishop - Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)


Hunter Metts - Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding)


Round 2

Grace Kinstler - I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)


Casey Bishop - Lights (Journey)


Hunter Metts - On & On (Original Song)


That’s it. So now, the power is up to you.

It’s time to choose your Top 2 and, ultimately, your winner.


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Just now, *Wallace said:

"Will it be Hunter, who was sent home as a surprise at the Top 7?"


Wait… we’re acting like Hunter was a shock Top 7 boot? :unsure:  

I mean, yeah? He had the most YT views for the previous few weeks and was popular. Not to mention he was a WGWG. :giggle:


Though weirdly enough he ended up being the token cute guy who places 7th of the season. :giggle:

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