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Most Creative Arrangements (That have either worked or failed)


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What were some of the most creative flips/arrangements any contestant has done to a song? You can name the ones that work, and the ones that, while didn´t really work for them, still deserve acknowledgement for their creativity.


For me:


Hunter Plake - Higher Love


Noah Mac - Electric Love


Britton Buchanan - What´s Love Got to Do With It


Madi Davis - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Will Breman - Say You´ll Be There


Nelson Cade III- Best Part (This was very pitchy, but props for such a creative version, very jazzy)


Katrina Cain- Rihannon


Jej Vinson - Passionfruit


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Dia Frampton - Heartless (I didn’t watch S1, but from what I have watched on YT this is my favorite performance from it)

Lindsey Pavao - Say Aah (so underrated)

Melanie Martinez - Toxic (I know Toxic has been flipped to death, but this is the version that has always stood out to me)
Taylor Phelan - Sweater Weather

Amy Vachal - Blank Space

Noah Mac - Electric Love

Addison Agen - Lucky

Christiana Danielle - Elastic Heart


Edit: I forgot one of the best ones, Christina’s Hold On, We’re Going Home. So good.


Edit2: Also, Christian Porter - Sexy and I Know It

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1 hour ago, AliXRose said:

Shame ! I forgot this masterpiece, outsold the original




I contemplated putting this in my Season 20 post, I just wasn't sure whether it was as creative as Savanna C's or Halley's arrangements. (For the record, I like Lindsay's performance the best out of those three)

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Might I add to Christina Danielle's creative arrangement, the Umbrella, although it somehow failed live. I've never heard that song sung that way and I think it's really risky





Also, Chris Blue's Love on the Brain! Probably the most creative and the best version (for me) of that song. (many will probably argue but idc 😉





If battles do count, then I'll also add Jason and Christian's version of Hello. (Jason's a changed man now and he's on Idol, love him)



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14 minutes ago, BlakePointingHisFinger said:

DeAndre Nico "Wanted" and Jordan Matthew Young "Stay". An R&B take on a country song and vice versa and both arrangements were fire.

The latter reminds me of Taylor Alexander (S12) - Believe. Originally a dance-pop song, he turned that into country.

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