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Who sang "Best Part" better ?


Who sang "Best Part" better ?  

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  1. 1. Who sang "Best Part" better ?

    • Khalea Lynee (S17)
    • Nelson Cade III (S18)
    • Ainae (S20)

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Just now, AliXRose said:

Unpopular, I don't think Nelson's was bad and I wish he won the battle just so he could kick Mike Jerel's ass :stealth:

Nelson's jazzy arrangement was the most creative out of the three, and I would have loved him to win the 4 way had it been well executed. The problem is that he was so pitchy. 


Khalea didnt really change the song, but delivered a professional and superb vocal. Sadly she never topped her blind in my opinion.


Didnt really care for Ainae. She was good but eh.

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Khalea did exactly what she needed to do - it was polished, professional, and a very strong vocal that deserved all those chair turns.


Ainae's was tonally very pretty and slightly jazzier, and I think she may have a had a shot at a John or Nick turn (in addition to Kelly) if she'd been earlier in the audition process instead of the last spot on the show. Not quite as polished as Khalea's, but still a decent rendition of the song.


Nelson's flip was the most creative, but it had serious pitch issues - it wasn't straight-up terrible, but it wasn't nearly as good as it had the potential to be.

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Leah Jenea! But since I have to pick from these three though: Khalea > Ainae > Nelson.


Khalea was smooth and polished, very deserving of a four-chair turn.


Ainae sounded slightly off to me, but she has a pretty tone.


Nelson was pitchy.

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