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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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GNT ate🤣

Even though their studios are very similar to Kelly's, the opening and ending harmonies were chefkiss. Joshua and Caleb taking the lead is the best; they are demonstrating it to the people who claim that Bekah always carries them.

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Just now, Someone_is_here said:









Omg guys I kinda love Jim and Sashas like Jim is shocking me!!!!!! I did not think his voice would fit here but it does i love it!


Lana going to Semis!


My prediction:

Ariana taking both Jim and Sasha and Holly

Blake taking Lana Wendy and Paris

Kelly taking GNT and Hailey

John taking one of his two


I am praying for Jeremy though he is amazing

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2 minutes ago, CufaFanvoice26 said:

again Jershika slaying


The song is very... staccato (is the word I think I want to use here). Not a lot of space for those bigger, more drawn out notes (common to ballads in particular) that tend to create the "wow" moments.

Still, I hope she crushes it live and gets those votes.

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Just now, FloorWax said:

Wendy sang a good version of Jolene. I don't really think she needs to change much with the song, but she needs to sell the emotion live.

I have not liked a single live performance from her except Freeway Of Love I have not gotten any emotion or the Wendy Moten stuff we got from her pre lives she is holding back in a way 

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