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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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Just now, seak05 said:

If Wendy does not do three backflips while singing, she’s not doing enough 


Seriously though, I do think one of Wendy’s issues on this show though is that her laid back singing style makes it seem as if she’s not trying hard/what she’s doing isn’t as impressive. It really is though. And every song doesn’t need marathon run sessions. 

 So far I haven't heard her do anything like Gynami or Jershika in the voice. I'm only assuming that her voice has stiffen because of age. She probably have to ad lib by doing runs and riffs so to avoid soaring higher notes. I could be wrong, and she will surprise us by belting like Ariana. Anyway, Idk what key she'll be singing for Jolene, Dolly or Miley.

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