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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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4 minutes ago, FanOfTheVoice said:

If I had to predict a bottom 3, I would say Jim and Sasha just based on how they were in the bottom last week. Jershika’s numbers weren’t too stellar last week and that song was more in her wheelhouse than this week. As for the third, maybe Lana? All the other coach saves have left already. Everyone else is either a playoff PV or on an upward trajectory (Hailey) 

Nah, Lana won't be at bottom. The one that got away is basically a country song, you just have to change Radiohead for Garth Brooks 🤷‍♀️

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Listened to some of the studios


Jershika’s arrangement is pretty standard to Paramore’s, she’s a B3 lock

Hailey sounds her best so far, if she nails it live, she has a great shot at finale tbh

Wendy’s is like her Blue Bayou, good, but she still isn’t reaching her full range 

GNT sound good, if only Bekah went solo :yawnwave:

Jeremy’s is in English, and boring lol

Holly is… whew :rofl:

skipped the rest :yawnwave:



*Edit: Lana sounds great too

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GENRE SWITCHES (Based solely on what they have done on the show):



GNT- From folk/singer songwriter to art pop/rock (They did this with Creep, and it was a challenge for sure. They´ll do it again now)

Jeremy- From pop/gospel to country (and straight up country, not R&B influenced like his blind)

Hailey - From pop to pop/country (probably the least amount of change here, but still, it´s a change)



Holly- From singer songwriter/country/rock to disco (lol, she´s been jumping from station to station since the lives started)

Jim and Sasha - From folk/singer songwriter to pop/R&B.



Jershika - From R&B/gospel to punk pop. (WTF)

Joshua - From theatric pop/rock to R&B



Wendy- From R&B/Soul to country (Finally)

Lana - From pop/country to just pop. (Still a change)

Paris - From R&B/Soul to country.

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5 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

Maybe some eliminated contestants would have covered those artists 🤔 

Maybe, but for now i think this

GNT: the always reliable "Make You Feel My Love"

Hailey: I would love "your power" or "i love you"


Jeremy or Holly: Easy On Me

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