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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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3 minutes ago, VoiceTakeover890 said:

Imagine GNT doesn’t make it and Jim and Sasha do… :unsure:


I would love both advancing though. Literally one of the best duos and possibly the best trio ever to be on this show. Both deserve to go through!

No way in hell will that happen lol. Love both, but GNT is locked 

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25 minutes ago, VoiceSelf12 said:

yeah he actually does. I feel like you only like the AA PH on this show and Bella. It’s your taste but uhm like can you try liking other singers😭 no offense.


(watch me get attacked)

You was practically coming for me too and (speaking for myself) if I only like the female AA PH what’s the problem ?

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