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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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1 minute ago, Misirlou said:

I remember Minivan hated the playoffs night last season. They even went hard at the country dude.


I dont expect it to be any different this time around.

this a bad thing how? I happen to love every episode that doesn’t cater to minivan. 

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3 minutes ago, jus.willy said:

this a bad thing how? I happen to love every episode that doesn’t cater to minivan. 

Not really, just noting that.


This is a very anti-Minivan cast, but I enjoy it quite a lot, so I hope they deliver, since playoffs are often messy.

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1 hour ago, AliXRose said:

Speak your truth 🙂

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You’re right, let me not forget who I am 💁🏻‍♀️

48 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

Jeremy, Hailey? 


I'll make cases against them, I don't mind.


Jeremy - Yes he's a good vocalist, but the audience doesn't seem to care that much, he's very middle of the pack and I assumed he would be a threat since auditions. Doesn't look like it right now. Kelly or TPTB gave him Whitney Houston and Kelly seemed to be intrigued, but also a comment I noticed she made was: "It was a bold choice and I'm glad we got to hear it" Something like that. I don't think she was very impressed, but she does like him. I just don't think Gymani is doing too well as of now, to easily get the CS, so I'm leaning towards Jeremy as the CS. Still Gymani could get the CS.


Hailey - Slaying it since the blinds, but if she gets too nervous and falls apart in lives, she could be done or at least incredibly injured going into the Top 13. I think the audience is paying attention, but one slip up and she could end up a causality before Semis. I believe Kelly is interested, likely treating her like a Brynn/Chevel. So I have more faith in her taking care of Hailey and not giving her a song that's out of her capacity. However still teens can crash even after great pre-lives. Or the audience just won't care about them for reasons. 


You took the words out of my mouth. I was mostly leaning towards Hailey in my original post, but I haven’t been very impressed with Jeremy yet either.


I basically agree with everything you said, pro or con, for both of them. I think Hailey is overhyped because of her age, and although she has done pretty well pre-lives, she hasn’t made an impact like some previous teens that have made it far (in my opinion). Jeremy could be a Kelly-favorite but Kymberli was not shook by his Run to You performance. I think if he tried to continue with another diva song, Gymani would outshine him. 

Right now I see Team Kelly as:


PV: Jeremy/Gymani

CS: Gymani/Jeremy/Hailey 

I think Gymani’s strongest chance is CS even though I do think she could get PV. If she does get PV, Jeremy is getting the CS with a small chance Hailey gets it to the team musically diverse. It will most likely come down to song choices and I’ve seen that both Gymani and Jeremy can perform live

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2 hours ago, Misirlou said:


Holly's interview with Hollywood Junket. AKA the first interview of a contestant after their pre-lives round has been aired, which means they get asked what can the audience expect for lives.


She said she wants to play piano on the show (surprised she hasnt done that yet, honestly), and wants to do something upbeat and more current.

Maybe in the Lives she’ll be able to do that. And I’m sure she’ll be around for a while to showcase all the different things she wants. Top 13 and Top 11 are great rounds to try something upbeat, and Ricky Duran didn’t play guitar until Top 10, and he really showcased his guitar skills that point.


Since she already tackled Rocket Man by Elton John, maybe Piano Man by Billy Joel?

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3 hours ago, AliXRose said:

Holly Fobes works the stage with Bruno Mars' "24k Magic" - The Voice Live Top 20 Performances 2021

Actually might happen - Silk Sonic's new album comes out in 2 weeks and Ariana is rumored to be featured - not confirmed, but Bootsy Collins posted about the album, tagged Bruno, Anderson, Childish Gambino, and Ariana. Then deleted Gambino and Ariana's tags from the post after fans found it. 

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