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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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9 minutes ago, Discovolcano said:

I can’t wait to see how Hailey beat TCS


Edit: nvm

I hope the spoilers were wrong and TCS wins. Hailey isn't the threat I thought she'd be and TCS could do some serious damage - plus they are very likable and both can actually sing rly good individually 

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Poor Brittany. Knockouts I think is the most crucial part of the show and song choice is critical. Song choice was the reason why Jake Hoot, Chevel Shepherd, and Chloe Kohanski easily raced themselves to the finale. However, Britanny's song did not make me feel anything at all. Not only the song but also there were notes that she did not sustain. It was a letdown from the vocal acrobatics she did in her previous two songs. Samuel, on the other hand, chose a better song. His vocals were not very spectacular, but the good song choice plus the emotions got me. He definitely won that, hands down. Sad to see Brittany go.
Also, I really think GNT could win the show. Hopefully they pull off another moment in the playoffs.
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