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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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29 of the 252 comments under the Facebook repost of the GNT battle are complaints about 3 voices against 1, trios on the show, etc. Maybe they can still overcome this. It’s too early to tell. That first live performance will be crucial for them. 

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Looking at the FB comments per battle:

  • A lot of praise for the Bella/Katie battle. Not a clear winner in the comments, most are commenting on both doing well. Some comments criticizing Kelly's outfit lol.
  • Mostly praise for KJ/Samuel. There's division on who won, but many felt like KJ should have been saved or stolen. Some comments criticizing the song choice.
  • Praise for the GNT/Kinsey battle, although there are "its the voice, not the voices" comments. Actually more than what I was expecting.
  • Universal praise for Peedy on his battle with TJR. I'd even say he was the most praised individual of the night based on comments.
  • As a whole, based on comments, David/Chavon was Minivan's least favorite battle. Comments seem divided on who won too, although I might lean towards David being named more.
  • A lot of praise for the Jeremy/Jershika battle. Jeremy is being favored a bit more.




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5 minutes ago, AngelaKD said:

Since Monday’s battles proceeded exactly in order of the pairing video, is there any reason to believe that Tuesday’s won’t?


its not the best reason but it just feels weird to me for the premiere leak to be eliminated in a battle montage.


edit: also to have an episode without any Ariana battles shown in full.

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6 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

Very good battle. Samara won it for me. Her runs are clean AF.


And this is looking like an Ariana/Kelly steal + John save for her.


This would mean that both Kinsey and now Samara stayed with their original coaches despite there being other options. Ironically, they are the two that lost their KOs while Lana and Bella won theirs.

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  • istersay changed the title to *Spoilers -the knockout pairings without the winners?

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