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1 minute ago, TeamAudra said:

 It was OK, but she is likely not a threat to contend. They probably don’t think so either, which is why we are getting the back door pimping of Holly. 

We all know minivan won't care about her but Arianators would've ate this up on the premiere. They still will but some already lost interest because Ariana didn't have any contenders.

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8 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

Not really a fan of her tone but I did like her approach to the song. I dont expect Minivan to go nuts over her, but Arianators are gonna love her. 

I thought her tone was fine until the last bit where she went for the bigger notes. I actually went back and listened again, and thought I liked it better the second time. Unfortunately, the shrill notes at the end are the last thing viewers hear. 

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