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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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Saves in general are in a precarious situation, at this point they have to perform for the other 3 coaches rather than their own in order to get a steal, because it´s unlikely that they get the win unless they pull out the best vocal of their life, and even it could fail there (Marina Chello killing her KO and not getting chosen). A steal is probably the best chance that they have.


Which is why they are pretty much useless, they should have just returned to the 2 steals.


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31 minutes ago, TheBest said:

Hi guys, I'm new to this, but I've been reading idf since forever and I've watched the voice since like season 6. 

Any idea who the battle advisors are? Nice to meet yall too!!


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4 hours ago, Someone648 said:
-Each coach has ONE SAVE and ONE STEAL
-As of right now, there has been no mention of a 4-way Knockout between the saves
-Battles are not listed in order of their specific taping


K: Holly Forbes vs. Wyatt Michael

A: Bella DeNapoli vs. TBA (Female) - TBA SAVED.

B: Hailey Green vs. TBA (brunette girl) - TBA SAVED.

B: Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith - Manny stolen by ARIANA.

K: The Cunningham Sisters vs. Parker McKay

A: Ryleigh Plank vs. KCK3

A: Katherine Ann Mohler vs. Vaughn Mugol


All of my favorites have moved on (by winning too! no steals/saves)!

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4 hours ago, Someone648 said:

"it's you and me to the end" after Ryleigh's - which the source said she was INSANE.

If Ariana drops Ryleigh in the KOs after this, I'm ready to un-stan (and no, not even her "Tattooed Heart" performance can amend that) /s

4 hours ago, Someone648 said:

I believe they began their message with "TWO WORDS. RYLEIGH. PLANK."

Icon tbh.

4 hours ago, Someone648 said:

Late taping.

Do you know if some coaches had already run out of spots or was it just a bit late?


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4 hours ago, ThrowawayCrayon said:

Wyatt getting eliminated so early is such a bummer, I was really hoping to see a Jazz artist make it far into the show. I also expected Kelly to bring him far if he ended up on her team. Oh well... 😢

Just catching up, but I have this to say about that.


I think that Wyatt's only hope of going far was with Ariana.  She's done songs with jazz influence behind them, and I think she could've worked with him and taken him a little bit farther than that.  Kelly, OTOH, I doubt had any intention of doing such a thing.


Now on to others.


So Chavon was on Ariana's team, as several people suspected.  Pity he's already out, though.


Shocked that Blake dropped the Joy Reunion so quickly after fighting so hard for them.  And Ariana dropped her own trio right away, too?!  They must've bombed their Battle for that to happen.


Amazed that K.J. was on John's team, not Kelly's or Blake's, as initially speculated.  Pity for her loss.


I guess we can confirmed that Katherine ended up with Ariana, after all.


More to come after I finish catching up.

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4 hours ago, Cookie73 said:

GNT could also be paired against Kinsey because they are the closest to country. 

TBT Madeline vs. Kelsie and Tanner vs. Marisa :whut:

4 hours ago, FloorWax said:

Come On In Out Of The Rain 

Nah, she's saving that for her knockout to crush her opponent. Or, if she wants to take mercy on her competitors, she can use it as her coronation performance 

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3 hours ago, jus.willy said:

Lol there were only 7. Aaron got eliminated so now it’s 6

Is there some kind of curse on guys named Aaron?  Other than Aaron Gibson (Miley's Aaron), every man with that first name has gone home in the Battles.

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3 minutes ago, echoap said:

I wonder which one of these has more potential... 🤔





Haven’t been rooting too hard for the trio, but all three of them are solid vocalists in their own right so with the right song choices in the KOs and beyond, they could do surprisingly well.

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