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5 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

What do you guys mean when you say the Arianators/Minivan fan wars? :dead: What are the Minivans? :stealth:


Definition in one single image:


We use it so often it has lost its meaning tho.

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Some people here really shouldn’t complain about Arianators or Minivan when they behave exactly like them 

Arianators have a lot to learn

I love this quote from the CNN article so much. 😂😂😂   It looks like NBC is saying -- in the nicest possible way -- "Thank U, Next" to coach Nick Jonas.

5 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

Yeah, it’s basically the equivalent of spitting on someone’s food. Plus the “I hate America” comment probably won’t go over well with minivan! 

Yeah, a lot of comments have accused her of being Anti-American. 

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9 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

What's a Minivan? :dead:

confused disney animation GIF

According to the IDF dictionary (courtesy of @Angeles), Minivan is "the target demographic of The Voice, generally women located in the Southeast between the ages of 40-60 who drive minivans as their primary mode of transportation". 😉

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Just now, Rodney said:

Now, this begs the question.


How will Ariana want her team branded?  As Team Ariana?  Or Team Grande?

I´d say Grande, and her gift is a Starbucks drink.

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Just now, VoiceTakeover890 said:

Ya here on idf we use a lot of slang for certain things LMFAOOA

I've been on IDF since 2004...

Confused Chrissy Teigen GIF

17 years actually come this April on the 25th. :dead:

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2 minutes ago, VoiceTakeover890 said:

Team Arianator!!!! 

With a “yuh” as her gift!!!

Fixing Ariana's chair to say "I WANT YUH" when she turns :haha:


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Just now, KimberlyxKyla said:

Team Grande with donuts as her gift!
licking ariana grande GIF

It'd be a nice "screw you" to her haters, I'll tell you that.😋

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