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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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Just now, Misirlou said:

So Parker is that elimination that hurt you the most?

No, it was Carolina. It would’ve been Parker, but I was happy to see TCS go through since they’re fan thread artists, so I have mixed emotions.

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KO Teams


Team Kelly

Holly Forbes

Girl Named Tom

Jeremy Rosado

Xavier Cornell


The Cunningham Sisters

Kinsey Rose

Hailey Mia


Team John

Brittany Bree

Samuel Harness


Sabrina Dias

Paris Winningham

Shadale Johnson


Jershika Maple


Team Ariana

Bella DeNapoli

Raquel Trinidad

Father and son Duo?

David Vogel

Ryleigh Plank

Katherine Ann Mohler


Manny Keith


Team Blake

Hailey Green

Peedy Chavis 


Wendy Moten


Carson Peters


Jonathan Mouton

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Just now, jus.willy said:

Voice Gods please paire Jershika with Brittany so she can be stolen by Ari 🙏🏾

I can also see Jershika being stolen back to Kelly and Hailey back to Ari lol

I can see Johnathan back to John but since its 4 KO winners they have more of a chance now. Steals can make it through

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Also, just some speculation we had:


-I personally believe the "Kayla" girl who lost the good 4 u battle is Keilah Grace, as the source said she was 15 (as is Keilah) and she and the dad recently followed Camila/Shawn (which kinda fuels that speculation too), but she is also a strong candidate to be Ariana's save, as the source remembered the save being a "K" name. Which could mean Keilah Grace, Kaitlyn Velez, or Katie Mortimer. The source remembered Ari's save having shorter hair, so Kaitlyn and Katie fit that better than Keilah.

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