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The Voice ● S21 ● Spoilers/News/Updates


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On 12/1/2021 at 3:14 PM, assonesse said:

I believe Hailey will be in the bottom 4. Like seriously. She WAS in the instant save in the playoffs. She will not be able to survive having a tough competition between all the talented people. I acknowledge that she had great and stunning performances last few weeks, BUT it’s almost the finale! 

In the instant save next week:


Jim Sasha

Lana (possible winner 🥲)

Jershika… (possible winner #2)


On 12/1/2021 at 4:53 PM, assonesse said:

Well, we gotta see next week 🙃


Where are you now buddy @assonesse? What's good?

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4 minutes ago, SNI2 said:

Can we pick Kelly Clarkson hitting the buttom to steal Hailey Mia during Battles as one of the best moves ever done on The Voice?

The best move was TPTB pimping/protecting the heck out of Hailey during the live shows, without them this wouldn't have been possible. 

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5 minutes ago, VoiceFan! said:

I just realized.

Whenever there's a format change or a shortened season, Kelly doesn't win (S16, S18-S20)


But whenever there isn't, she wins (S14, S15, S17).


I think this trend will continue with GNT's victory next week

This season, she didn't wear a black dress during the blinds.

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2 hours ago, FloorWax said:

7 people in the finale and 4 of them are women. Team Waffle is back y'all!

Also, 3 of them are black 😃 


And this is the first time in the history of The Voice that we'll have two black powerhouses divas in the finale :thumbsup:

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