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S20 Auditions you have rewatched the most.


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The auditions I watch the most aren't indicative of how much I love the artists. Sometimes, I just like to see a particular banter or something. But when it comes to pure talent, I rewatched Corey Ward quite a lot. 

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15 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

The other contestants seem to really like this one too.

She seems to popular among the contestants. She probably has a very appealing personality.


She was also my most rewatched audition.

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Oh crap wrong show.


Gihanna/Anna/Reyleigh/Corey/Savanna Woods

Although not too much, but enough to revisit them every now and then until they reappear in the Battles/KOs(if advanced)

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I tried to rank them from most watched to least but also took in account that some were aired waaay earlier so eventually I ranked them lower :


1/2. Zania & Lindsay

3. Ryleigh

4. Dana

5. Anna

6. Pia

7. Ciana

8. Carolina

9. Savanna W


Ironically I never rewatched Cam nor Corey even tho I like them a lot, song choices I guess. They might be at the top when it comes to KO

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9 hours ago, QueenMae16 said:

Gihanna/Anna/Reyleigh/Corey/Savanna Woods


Meme Reaction GIF by Robert E Blackmon


Plus I'd add Gean (the one I watched the most probs), Lindsay, Avery, Keegan, and Andrew's. I usually rewatched the auditions because of the songs + the delivery 



but just like @SNI2 said, how many times I've watched the audition isn't the basis of how much I love/like the artist 😄 

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