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AI 19 ● Showstopper/Final Judgment Pt 1 ● Discussion


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1 minute ago, Bk1234 said:

So they decided to make the best performance of the night the preview? :dead:

They got a bunch of Alanis (Morissette) stans to tune in tonight to watch Alanis's performance by leaking it early. :haha:


(At least judging by the Alanis Morissette Facebook groups I'm in.)

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Thoughts on tonight’s show 


- Alanis is the dark horse. 

- Casey should step away from the big rock songs for a while. 

- Murphy was done dirty. No way he should be cut while someone as vanilla as Graham moves on. 

- Amanda Mena blew her shot. She probably seemed like a shoo-in until she bombed that last performance. 
- Hannah is not the best singer but she has a likability factor that could result in a few upsets, with her making it over better singers. 
- Alyssa still has probably the most potential of everyone imo but she could end up being an early shock boot if she doesn’t reel it in some. 
- Caleb has a real shot at a country music career. His voice and original songs sound like they could be on the radio. 
- Andrea Valles is the most obvious cannon fodder since Jeanine Vailes from Season 8. They gave no reason for her making the Top 24 after she bombed her performance. 
- Cassandra, the queen. I love her! I hope America gets her because she is so relevant. 

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Just now, Carrie_On said:

- Casey should step away from the big rock songs for a while. 

Her audition to Mötley Crüe was good. I think she needs to stay away from the Southern Rock that she's done during Hollywood week since it doesn't mesh well with her voice.


I don't expect the judges to tell her that though.

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15 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

Who is Heather?


I dunno. I looked back through my live reviews of the audition episodes, and the only "Heather" I saw was from an episode where towards the end I said that someone was "the best of the night, but that's not as much of a compliment as it normally would be this late in the show". The fourth of the five audition shows, if that helps.

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Graham reminds me of Alejandro, only he has a better voice, he won't make top 10. Loved, Cassandra, Alyssa, Beane, Casey, Caleb, and Chayce sounded good but could have picked a better song. Loved Hannah too. Cassandra reminds me of Eveyln and Grace Potter. Casey has a nice country tone to her voice and Beane, loved the song choice. He slayed. Loved Jason too.

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13 hours ago, 1234567890 said:


They cut the most interesting contestant this year. Other than him Alanis was the best. Casey is NOT ready for prime time. should have waited a few years to mature. yet you can say it about more than half of who they put through.. and they kicked Murphy out!? like WTF!? :wtf:

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Here’s my comments on the people shown in the Showstopper round:


1.  Alyssa — not her best performance since she may have had too much vocal gymnastics, but she deserved to make the Top 24.  She just needs to control her voice now.

2.  Jason — he laid it all out there and that was good enough to get him in the Top 24.

3.  Alex — he just wasn’t able to step out of his comfort zone.  But at least he’ll be performing at the Grand Old Opry.

4.  Andrea — had Amanda been better, Andrea might have been the one going home.  As it is, I think that she’s cannon fodder.

5.  Chayce — that really wasn’t my cup of tea.  But he was good enough among the guys to move on.

6.  Caleb — he was pretty good but I don’t think that he was great.

7.  Wyatt — one of the better male singers in this part of the Showstopper round, but still just pretty good.

8.  Cassandra — she is very good but she still struggles with self confidence.

9.  Anthony — that was just okay and I can see why he was eliminated.

10.  Amanda — you shouldn’t have sung “All By Myself.”  It defeated you.

11.  Beane — second best of the guys in this part of the Showstopper round.

12.  Hannah — not such a good song choice.  I think that she got in because she’s a country singer.

13.  Graham — he was good enough but I’m sure that he’s cannon fodder as well.

14.  Murphy — maybe it was just as well.  He might have been almost too unique for the show.

15.  Alanis — that was probably the best performance of the night.

16.  Casey — not her best performance or my cup of tea but I still think that she was good enough.


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1) If Cassandra can dance more like Aurora herself (or even Mandy Lee from MisterWives), she can definitely improve as a performer.


2) The surprise cuts: Amanda Mena, Alex Miller, but most of all Murphy :shock: :no:💔  He could've been a dark horse in this competition, given how very much comfortable he was performing onstage - it's like he has already come into his own. I'm still scratching me head as to why he was cut. :unsure: 


3) I'm [pleasantly] surprised they kept Andrea Valles. I didn't expect Hannah or Cassandra to stay, but I guess they did enough in their Showstopper performance to warrant staying...

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