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I don't anticipate enjoying this battle too much, but I'll say this - every country male this season is 1000x better than Tanner Gomes was.

yes and also no more sleep gummies for me in the daytime

"Nobody does harmony and duo like Dan+ Shay". Ummm Simon and Garfunkel erased from existence lol.

oh, so i guess my stream is going to work finally after i sadly watched the whole episode on youtube.


at least ill get to see the next episode sneak peeks here

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1 minute ago, seak05 said:

Deserved steal, Avery was good, but this is another one I saw live, and Ethan blew him off the stage. The song was more in Ethan's wheelhouse (even though it was very different then his blind)

Likely because Ethan's got stronger low tones than high ones and he had to sing towards the top of his register for most of his blind (which is still pretty low for a guy, but that's not the point).

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36 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

IDF liking male vocalists and country battles this season - are all y'all okay?

Yes, I've always enjoyed all genres of music, including country. But the rest of IDF is off the hinges lol 😂

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3 hours ago, Dany said:

Hmm did she miss the below the stair I'm confuse 🤔

From what I remember watching it live, Kelsea did cut it close when she pushed her button, but Avery still had a couple of steps of the stairs before he hit the bottom when she pushed her button. I don't know why they edited it the way that they did. Avery continued to walk down the stairs after she pushed the button that's why he was at the bottom when they cut to him. Kelsea was really texting Kelly like mad during Avery's farewell speech to find out what Kelly wanted her to do. I don't know why she didn't just keep it simple like "STEAL?" 

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