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Rank the Blinds: Season 20 Episode 6


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  1. 1. Favorite night 6 blind that turned a chair?

    • Denisha Dalton - Pillowtalk
    • Awari - Weak
    • Keegan Ferrell - She Will Be Loved
    • Ainae - Best Part
  2. 2. Favorite night 6 blind that got no chairs?

    • Charlotte Boyer - Love Is A Losing Game
    • Connor Snow - This City
  3. 3. Should the second half be Battles part 1 instead of the dumb "Best of Blinds"?

    • Yes!
    • Yes!

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1. Denisha - The opening was incredible, but the bigger parts weren't as powerful as they should've done. Still, she gets best of the night for the first half alone.


2. Keegan - He gets here on tone. He seems like someone who could write great pop songs.


3. Ainae - I mentioned once that Gihanna sounded like Halle Bailey from Chloe x Halle. Somehow, here's another person this season that sounds even MORE like Halle! She was decent.


4. Awari - This was pretty decent as well, but my least favorite of the "Weak" covers we've had so far. He has great range, he just needs to find ways to use it more effectively.



Overall: Everyone was decent, but I didn't hear any contenders.

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