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The Amazing Race Rankdown (QK's Nominations Posted)

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Janelle & Britney

Is everyone shook? Lol this isn't a big brother rankdown where Janelle and Britney are easily some of the most beloved contestants of time literally making the final 2 TWICE I mean their power is undeniable and I am literally in love with Briney everyone knows this but honestly? Based on their The Amazing Race experience I could not really justify cutting Carol and Brandy and their iconic journey to save a pair that has always gotten their due in these types of games. And besides if there is a come back at some point I am sure myself or someone else will bring them back but based on their TAR experiences and the 2 racers I had to choose from I felt Carol and Brqndy deserved the save more even if the Britney stan in me is dying a little inside and debated doing the opposite.

Saving: Carol & Brandy

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Hey I may need some time to think about this got some pretty devastating news about my baby boy and I can't think right now.

@Steven_ reading that

Saving Brendon & Rachel

Time to choose your Cycle 3 Fast Forwards!  These will be the final fast-forwards of the rankdown. You cannot choose the following teams, as they have already received a Fast Forward in past cycles:


Freddy & Kendra

Weaver Family

Carol & Brandy 

Misa & Maiya

Josh & Brent

Cody & Jessica

Uchenna & Joyce

TK & Rachel

Andrew & Dan

Brent & Catie

Caroline & Jennifer

Bergen & Kurt

Tanner & Josh


@Alex95 @*Chris @*Diana @JC @Weedy_Speedy @QueenKalie @Steven_

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