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The Amazing Race Rankdown (QK's Nominations Posted)

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Lisa & Joni

Season 9




Me cutting two older female teams in a row. 💔  I don't have much to say since Lisa/Joni were on TAR9, which is a pretty cruddy season. They are second boots who were pretty over-the-top with their antics on the race, but they were on the same season as the hippies, so their ceiling was always gonna be low edit-wise. At least they seemed genuine in their antics, unlike the hippies grossly stereotyping other cultures for 12 legs. Fun fact: apparently they were estranged before/after the race, and Joni also interacted with fans on online message boards in the past, so that's pretty cool. RIP Lisa. :( 


Save Team Glee

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Hey I may need some time to think about this got some pretty devastating news about my baby boy and I can't think right now.

@Steven_ reading that

Saving Brendon & Rachel




Dennis & Erika were a formerly engaged couple that raced together on The Amazing Race 5. They wanted to re-explore their relationship on the race, but they were eliminated Leg 1. After Dennis was called a scumbag for trying to hold tickets for Kami & Karli and Alison & Donny at LAX, he was determined to prove he was a nice guy. This led to him giving up a taxi to Colin & Christie instead of claiming it for him and Erika. This ended up being a "nice guys finish last" scenario as Dennis & Erika fell to last place and were eliminated from the race. After the race, Dennis & Erika ended up breaking up years later (sometime in the 2010s according to their Wiki page). Erika became a casting director for CBS, and she has worked for The Amazing Race and Survivor. She's even good friends with Parvati Shallow, and Erika co-owned the gym business ESP Wellness with her. Anyway, since Dennis & Erika were a Leg 1 boot, I believe this is a fair cut to make.


Saving Tramel & Talicia.

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Chester & Ephraim




I legit do not remember these guys at all lol. They were on the race? They were not even like a first team eliminated and lasted three legs. And even won one. Wtheck at me not remembering them at all. So hilarious. And apparently they were on Season 23, which is not like one of the early seasons. My memory is going in my old age. Anyways, they were an early boot, so not much of a loss here and they are a stereotypical professional athlete team that looks like they would do well. However, unfortunately for them, they did not. Looks like they were strong enough to win a leg, but just as quickly as they soared, they flamed out early and out they went. Kind of like this rankdown, because they were not on anyone's radar early, but out they go now, although I doubt anyone had them on their radar.


Save Rowan and Shane #teamtheater #teamcamandmitchell

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Just now, QueenKalie said:

Wait did we all do our cuts already? Dang

There's no Victoria or Priscilla in this one

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I actually kinda liked Chester & Ephraim, yeah they were cast to be a retread of the Globetrotters but I found them likable. Their Gutsy Grannies-style exit just seals the deal tbh. :haha: 


Not crying at the Rowan & Shane save, though. "Don't help her, she is the devil." :wub: 

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@Weedy_Speedy is next. You cannot nominate:


Uchenna & Joyce

TK & Rachel

Andrew & Dan

Brent & Caite

Caroline & Jennifer

Bergen & Kurt

Tanner & Josh

Chip & Kim

Tramel & Talicia

Amanda & Chris

Eric & Danielle

Lance & Keri

Rowan & Shane

Connor & Jonathan

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (KEVIN NOMINATES NEXT)

I think there are ~favorites~ here but once again just going with what the randomizer gave me. Kudos to the Brent & Caite/Bergen & Kurt FF'ers because they would've been on here otherwise.


Mary & Peach
Jon & Al
Lake & Michelle
Kellie & Jamie
Shana & Jennifer
Gary & Matt
Mika & Canaan
Kaylani & Lisa
Ethan & Jenna
Keith & Whitney
Tiffany & Krista
Will & James

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (KEVIN'S NOMINATIONS ON PAGE 24)

Gary & Matt


These guys seem like nice enough people I guess, but I learned as much about them as I did about Eric & Lisa who were booted 10 minutes into TAR 15. I don’t know if they pissed someone in production off or if they are just really that boring. Gary & Matt are a father/son team who came onto the race hoping they could get closer with each other. Gary was afraid he was holding Matt back because of his age, but they still made it to the final five together. They won a leg and performed decently well the entire race. Unfortunately, they were on the last flight to Sweden with Brian & Ericka and they got lost once they got to Sweden so they fell to dead last and never recovered. They got saved by a NEL, but never made up the lost time the following leg since they had to perform the speed bump and the leg was rather linear. Matt did have his most memorable moment that leg at the roadblock where he didn’t know what a candelabra is so he walked around asking random people “Are you a candelabra?” :dead:. Other than that, they brought nothing to the show and it’s a shame they lasted longer than some more interesting teams that season. Now, I hope there are no more cuts tonight so I can sleep.


Save Mary & Peach

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10 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

Do the express passes expire soon or are they good for awhile?

They're good until top 100 so you have plenty of time to use them.

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1 minute ago, QueenKalie said:

ok I guess I will save it then and just hope for the best in this round. 

The cycle's almost over anyway so if you used it the team would only have one round of safety like any team saved this round.

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Will & James are the winners of The Amazing Race 32. As the ringleaders of the Mine Five alliance, I didn't root for them throughout the season. The alliance stayed strong all season long, even ending up as the actual Final 5. At times the alliance didn't really make sense, especially since they were helping keep higher placing teams in the race while targeting weaker teams. I believe the alliance annoyed a lot of viewers who were unhappy to see multiple teams working together throughout the entire race. It made the season boring to watch as it became predictable which teams would stay in the race. Anyway, Will & James were super fans of the show, and James applied to be on the show eight or nine times. As fans of the show, they were very strategic in their approach to the race. They would U-Turn other teams and use information to their advantage (whether it was sharing info with allies or keeping it a secret). They also convinced Kaylynn & Haley to Yield Leo & Alana (a team Will & James U-Turned previously). Will & James were fairly strong racers, winning three legs before the final leg and placing high often with an average placement of 2.55. Despite their iffy strategy of keeping Hung & Chee and Riley & Maddison around, it ended up working out for them as they crossed the Finish Line first and claimed the million dollar prize. At the mat, Will proposed to James and they got engaged. Apologies to any fans, but out they go from the rankdown.


Saving Tiffany & Krista.


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Jon & Al




I liked so many teams during this set of noms that it was  hard to decide on what to do. Jon & Al are one of the few teams that I don't care about so I decided to cut them. Jon & Al were on season 4 of the Amazing Race and that's not a season that I really care too much about. I  think the only team on season 4 that I like was Millie & Chuck. Ironically enough these guys were their allies and under normal circumstances I might let them be for that reason but meh they are still gonna go. They competed in a 11 legs of the race and finished in 4th place. They did pretty well and they didn't fight a lot so this pair of best friends had a lot of fun doing the race. It's nice to see people not bicker a lot but it can make you a little boring as well I suppose. Anyways that's all I really got to say about them so out they go from this rankdown now.


Saving Keith & Whitney

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Kellie & Jamie




I am going to continue eliminating teams I do not remember, I actually did not remember the all female team below this either but literally just chose who came first on the list :giggle:They finished in 10th and completed two legs. They were a team of cheerleaders from the south, yawn. I am not into it. Neither the south, nor the cheerleaders. Unless you are on Bring It On or Glee, I legit do not care. They look like they were probably annoying but again I can not remember, perhaps they were great little Santana Lopezes, but IDK, they did not stick out obviously. They were on season 10 of the amazing race and apparently got lost and had trouble driving, which led to their demise. Sorry girlies, out ya go from the rankdown!


Save Mika & Canaan because I had a huge crush on Canaan and for giving us a memory that will ALWAYS be etched in TAR history when a teammate's refusal to finish a task undoubtedly eliminates them from the race RIDIC


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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (QK's Nominations Posted)

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