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The Amazing Race Rankdown (QK's Nominations Posted)

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Hey I may need some time to think about this got some pretty devastating news about my baby boy and I can't think right now.

Somehow, top three of S16 I'm in awe  

@Elliott I ned that RPDR meme where you vote out this post

Cindy & Rick

Season 27




So this team (who I keep confusing with Ernie & Cindy, which made me excited when I saw Amanda's "get in here so we can move along" post, but alas) are a team from season 27. In the first leg, the Race decided to immediately provide us with fanservice of all the teams in bathing suits at the beach. Cindy agreed with myself in the assertion that the white short shorts didn't suit Rick. Other than that, they were basically afterthoughts throughout the race, as modern TAR is edited so that if you're not relevant to a season's overarching storyline, we're not supposed to care. So yeah, sucks for them that their standard airtime was sacrificed so we can see more of Justin being a cocky douche and/or Justin being a crybaby. They evidently had a baby at some point according to Google Images, so good for them.


Save the other one

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@JC is up with his second set of nominations. He cannot nominate:


Uchenna & Joyce

TK & Rachel

Andrew & Dan

Brent & Caite

Caroline & Jennifer

Bergen & Kurt

Tanner & Josh

Chip & Kim

Garrett & Jessica

Kellie & Jamie

Erin & Joslyn

Eric & Danielle

Marianna & Julia

Eric & Daniel

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Flo & Zach

Freddy & Kendra

Natalie & Nadiya

Cody & Jessica

Nicole & Victor

Matt & Ashley

Matt & Redmond

DeAngelo & Gary

Chris & Alex

Kelly & Jon

Brandon & Nicole (for the same reason as Chip and Kim, you should not have an 11:1 roadblock ratio! but at least they didn't win)

Rachel & Dave



Don't say I don't love you Alex as you'll note Brooke and Scott aren't there even though you brutally cut Reichen and Chip! 😘 Also Amanda lol at Marianna and Julia being immune when they're eliminated :dead:

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (JC’S NOMINATIONS ON PAGE 21)
Just now, *Amanda said:

It’s really hard to be an impartial host when 2 of my favorite teams ever keep getting nominated by JC. :dead: 

Sorry obvs nothing personal, I don't know which two they are but I must not like them very much :giggle:

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Brandon & Nicole

Season 5




TAR5 is a top-tier season but I honestly don't care about these two so they can go now. Really the only blight spot of that top 6, their shtick was that they were models and huge Christians. Other than that, they were boring, to the extent that the show's editors would go out of their way to take the piss out of them. The example that immediately springs to mind was when they were having trouble getting a flight in an early leg, only for the camera to pan over to a group of NUNS descending the escalator right before they found their flight lmao. Anyway, their other "high points" I guess were Nicole completely failing at the caviar-eating roadblock, and their decision not to go for the head-shaving Fast Forward because they didn't want to cut *his* hair. Unfortunately, that was a rare consecutive NEL leg, so they survived into the final three when we could've had more Kami & Karli shenanigans in the top 4. What could have been! Le sigh.


Save Kelly & Jon. I don't understand the Reichen & Chip fascination lmao, I mean they were gay but they were also assh*les (like everyone else that season). Kelly & Jon were at least fun/entertaining assh*les!

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3 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

I think there's a huge difference between hating on JC's noms and being Elliott though. :dead:


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1 minute ago, QueenKalie said:

I think there's a huge difference between hating on JC's noms and being Elliott though. :dead:

Stop causing shenanigans and putting all the dramz on me, we both know you are the straight version of me :P

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Just now, *Chris said:

Posting the noms while I am too busy listening to Fearless (Taylor’s version)? Not cool. 

You should be happy though because the noms are majority men 😮 Actually everyone on IDF should be happy :giggle:

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The Amazing Race 29 paired up strangers to race together. Matt had the second pick, and he chose Redmond. Matt was a professional snowboarder and Redmond was an Iraqi veteran with a prosthetic leg. They were the only all-male team on the race this season, and they ended up becoming strong competitors. They came in first place twice, second place four times, third place twice, and fourth place twice before their final leg. Unfortunately for them, they got lost in Seoul in Leg 11. They fell way too far behind, but they did manage to somewhat catch up. However, it was not enough after Tara finally completed the Roadblock in time to reach the Pit Stop with Joey before Matt & Redmond did. Despite being a dominant team throughout the season, Matt & Redmond missed out on the final leg to race for the million dollars. Matt & Redmond were very competitive, and some fans were bothered by Redmond's behavior at times (especially after Vance & Ashton U-Turned him and Matt). But Matt & Redmond got along great, and they were pretty strong racers. Sorry to any fans for this cut, but out they go from the rankdown.


Saving Flo & Zach.



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Matt & Ashley




Matt & Ashley are just whatever so I don't mind cutting them here. They were a dating couple of season 26 of the amazing race. Season 26 composed of blind date teams and real couples. Matt & Ashley were a real couple and I am pretty sure they got engaged while on the race. I don't know if they are married yet or what has happened to them since I never bothered to check up on them but whatever. I don't dislike this team but they are far from favorites so it's whatever I guess. They did pretty well on the season finishing in 5th place and they did win 1 leg of the race so good for them on that. They were an easier cut from this group of nominations so out they go from this rankdown now.


Saving Jess & Cody 

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (QK's Nominations Posted)

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