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The Amazing Race Rankdown (Final Rankings Now Due 10/7)


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Sam & Dan
Sam and Dan McMillen were a team of team of brother racers on The Amazing Race 15. Sam & Dan are cut here from me because out of the remaining six teams I got to choose because I wanted a Meghan & Cheyne win for season 15 so selfishly I'll make this cut for my own benefit because I am sure they will be cut soon enough too.

Sam and Dan were the runner ups of that season so they made a name for themselves often for their constant bickering don't worry that is a common thing on this show. They are a male / male team which seems fitting after the nominations last round that I would cut one of those lol. Fair is fair. Honestly of all the men / men teams I think they are the up there for me but again I wanted another team to win that season so I took the chance to cut them here.

SAVING Azaria & Hendekea.

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46 minutes ago, *Chris said:



Number one - these noms were a choice on behalf of the public. Number two - who are these two? I know they were on the 19th seaosn and they’re very a generic team of all-American girls. They finished in 8th place and made it this far? What have they brought to their time on the race to get that honour? I am still finding try to find the answer. It seemed that they did struggle a lot - just trying to submit my writeup and saving one of my fave team while losing another top team of mine. Anyway, I doubt anyone have them as top faves and won’t be missed around here.




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Ken & Tina


Ugh I was at dinner hates. Honestly I do not have a strong favorite and least favorite out of these four teams. Ken and Tina are pretty much whatever in my mind. I could not remember them that much although I do recognize them. I think both had very strong personalities and they were quite a strong older team. They were the older mom and dad to Nick and Starr which ended up not working in their favor as they lost to them. Tina was quite annoying and would nag Ken, but Ken also showed toxic masculinity by always thinking he was right and ignoring Tina. Not a very likable team, so surprised to see them here, but it is probably because they are not viewed as threats. Anyways, out they go, I doubt many people will miss them. Wally probably voted for them because they are actually one of the useless teams left.


Also @*Diana is a homophobe.


Save Nathan & Jennifer

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4 hours ago, *Amanda said:

I'm not going to reveal who nominated which teams, but I'm curious who you guys think Victoria targeted because of the Janelle & Britney cut. :dead: 

It’s okay I will do it for you. :dead: There were my nominations.


1. Flo & Zach

2. Jaime & Cara

3. Brooke & Scott

4. Meghan & Cheyne

5. Colin & Christie


F*ck Sarah Beth and I said that sh*t. :giggle:

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Gus & Hera

Season 6




Gus & Hera were pretty great. They were one of the very few teams from season 6 that weren't in a romantic relationship, and for that reason were very much a breath of fresh air. Gus in particular gets major props for realizing Jonathan was trash literally from the word go. ❤️ He was also pretty fun dad-ish, doing stuff like taking a snow bath in his underwear in Iceland and trying to sip beer at a German roadblock. :haha: They got hosed when the two Hungary legs were combined into one and getting equalized with the other teams (of course, it was season 6) and Hera getting her face smashed by a gate. Sucks because I would've liked to have seen them go further. Scenes like Gus crying at the gate of no return and "my daughter is now my friend" were pretty powerful.


Save Logan & Chris

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The final cut is almost upon us, but we're not quite there yet. That's where the rankers as a group step in.


This round works the same as the public nominations round except that the rankers will be deciding the nominees.


Please send me a list of 5 teams you want nominated, ranked 1-5. Everyone's first choice is automatically nominated, while the other 7 nominees will be determined by which teams receive the most nomination votes.


Remaining Teams:


Joe & Bill

Nancy & Emily

Blake & Paige

Oswald & Danny

Flo & Zach

Derek & Drew

Colin & Christie

Linda & Karen

Kami & Karli

Charla & Mirna

Joseph & Monica

Tyler & James

Dustin & Kandice

Ron & Christina

Nathan & Jennifer

Azaria & Hendekea

Andrew & Dan

Tammy & Victor

Meghan & Cheyne

Dan & Jordan

Nat & Kat

Brook & Claire

Gary & Mallory

Ernie & Cindy

Bill & Cathi

Brendon & Rachel

Jaymes & James

Trey & Lexi

Abbie & Ryan

Mona & Beth

Pam & Winnie

Tim & Marie

Adam & Bethany
Shelley & Nici

Logan & Chris

Brooke & Scott

Rachel & Elissa


You have 24 hours to send me your nominations. (!) 


@Alex95 @*Chris @*Diana @JC @Weedy_Speedy @QueenKalie @Steven_

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (Cycle 11 - Rankers, Please Send Me Your Nominations)
  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (Final Rankings Now Due 10/7)

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