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The Amazing Race Rankdown (#16 Posted)


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Nancy & Emily - Season 1, 5th Place

Blake & Paige - Season 2, 3rd Place

Oswald & Danny - Season 2, 4th Place & Season 11, 4th Place

Flo & Zach - Season 3, 1st Place

Derek & Drew - Season 3, 4th Place

Charla & Mirna - Season 5, 6th Place & Season 11, 3rd Place

Colin & Christie - Season 5, 2nd Place & Season 31, 1st Place

Kami & Karli - Season 5, 5th Place

Dustin & Kandice - Season 10, 4th Place & Season 11, 2nd Place

Ron & Christina - Season 12, 2nd Place & Season 18, 7th Place

Nat & Kat - Season 17, 1st Place

Brook & Claire - Season 17, 2nd Place

Gary & Mallory - Season 17, 5th Place & Season 18, 1st Place

Ernie & Cindy - Season 19, 1st Place

Pam & Winnie - Season 22, 7th Place

Tim & Marie - Season 23, 2nd Place

Adam & Bethany - Season 25, 3rd Place

Logan & Chris - Season 27, 3rd Place

Brooke & Scott - Season 29, 1st Place

Rachel & Elissa - Season 31, 7th Place


Congrats to the above 20 teams for making the Amazing Race Rankdown Top 20! Now, it's time to rank them so we can determine who will be the winner of the rankdown.


Please send me a ranking and write-ups for all 20 teams. The write-ups for your top 5 and bottom 5 must be at least 100 words. The write-ups for your middle 10 don't have to be 100 words, but please say something about each of them. Each ranking will count as 1/8 of the final ranking




@Alex95 @*Chris @*Diana @JC @Weedy_Speedy @QueenKalie @Steven_


The final 1/8 of the final ranking will come from a combined public ranking. If you are a member of the public and would like to send a ranking to be averaged in with the rest of the public, please PM me that as well as any comments you would like me to include.


@Zoey @taylorkat @*Wallace @1234567890 @Solaris

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (Final Ranking Due 10/5)
  • 2 weeks later...

I’m certain that numerous people still owe me stuff. Will figure it out later when I’m on a computer and not my phone. :dead: 


But I might grant you all an extension since I failed to post reminders about the deadline in this thread.

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Ok, since it seems like most of you need more time, I will give you until Thursday night and will aim to start the countdown on Friday. (!) 


@Zoey you can send me your ranking any time as long as it’s before all the rankers have their stuff in.

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (Final Rankings Now Due 10/7)

I thought I was bad by sending half-assed writeups on Monday. :rofl: If the deadline's been extended I may try to better ones. Or I may not, with Sora's reveal I'm kinda wanting to play Kingdom Hearts, and Metroid Dread is coming out on Friday. No offense, I'd just rather play those than write about TAR. :haha: 

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14 hours ago, *Diana said:

Can I have till Friday night? Work is insane 



I was the one who dropped the ball by not reminding you all about the deadline, so I’m fine with granting extensions. Also, if people want to send updated write-ups, feel free to do so.

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (#16 Posted)

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