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Power Ranking Team Kelly Lives Team (based on their blinds) (Spoilers)


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Same as the others. Not favorites, but power rankings just based on their blinds.


TEAM KELLY LIVES TEAM: Jenzie Wheels, Zae Romeo, Gihanna Zoe, Corey Ward, Savanna Woods (if she wins KO)


1. Jenzie

2. Corey

3. Gihanna

4. Savannah (if she wins KO)

5. Zae


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2 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

1. Kenzie Wheeler

2. Corey Ward

3. Zae Romeo

4. Gihanna Zoë

5. Savannah Woods

I think Gihanna has a better chance than Zae because she's a teen. 

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  1. Jenzie (traditional country + can sing live = easily the best shot at a public vote unless he gets something like Lips of An Angel)
  2. Corey (positive reception so far + "comeback kid" angle that's appealing + apparently consistent throughout the pre-taped rounds = if Jenzie flops hard, he may have a backup shot at the PV but a save is more likely how he'd move on)
  3. Gihanna (teenage girl + polish + strong pop vocal = a shot at the save or even the PV, but again, save is more likely)
  4. Savanna (not the best Facebook reception, but she's very talented and if her KO is as good as sources claim, she's got a shot at the Wildcard)
  5. Zae (as the steal on a team where the coach is notoriously loyal to her original members, his best shot at advancing is the Wildcard but he has to get past the rest of Team KC first)
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  1. Jenzie: PV for sure
  2. Zae/Gihanna (we're definitely underestimating Zae. Gihanna is a pop teen who's right up Kelly's alley)
  3. Zae/Gihanna (see above; one of them will probably get the CS while the other gets the WC)
  4. Corey
  5. Savanna (we don't even know if she'll make it to the POs. Poor Facebook/Minivan reception during blinds)
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  • istersay changed the title to Power Ranking Team Kelly Lives Team (based on their blinds) (Spoilers)

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