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The Voice 20 ● Blind Auditions 5 ● Discussion


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Rachel is clearly extremely nervous in this performance, which caused a lot of the breaks and wobbliness in her voice. Past that, I thought she was really good. She showed a lot of power and accuracy on the high belts and her tone is really clean and pretty.

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3 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

She was clearly a nervous wreck and made a lot of mistakes, but you can definitely hear she's a very capable singer under less tense circumstances.

Should be interesting to see how she progresses!

She'd better get better, or Nick will regret turning.

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She has tools, but she's so young, and she was super nervous. Feel like given a few years experience she would've been much stronger. Otoh she's the type of artist who will really be able to grow from the pro vocal coaching the show gives them 

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