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Take #2: American Idol Season 19 Semi-Finals (Top 24 + Twist)

Idol Maniac

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Sunday, February 21st

Originally Launched, Finalized, & Withdrawn


Thursday, March 11th

Re-Launched As "Take #2"


Monday, March 22nd

"Take 2" Finalized


  • Green Mile twist remains unknown but it is not simply an addition (as with Jermaine Jones expanding the Top 24 to a Top 25 in season 11).
  • There are in fact just 24 slots for the 1st round of the semi-finals.
  • The twist is suspected to be a duel for the final position (as with Ben Briley versus Neco Starr in season 13 and Grace Leer versus Lauren Mascitti in season 18).
  • Benson Boone is confirmed to have withdrawn from the Top 24 and been replaced, making him only the 2nd semi-finalist (or finalist) in American Idol history to do so, with the 1st being Mario Vazquez who withdrew from the AI4 Top 12.
  • It is also confirmed that Anilee List made the Top 24 as a result of Benson's withdrawal, either as a conventional replacement or by invalidating the need for a duel between her and another contestant on the list.
  • The Top 24 will not be divided, alphabetically, based on their first names, after all.


01. Benson Boone
(see red text)

02. Brennan Hepler (a.k.a. Beane)
03. Caleb Kennedy

04. Cecil Ray Baker
05. Chayce Beckham
06. Colin Jamieson
07. DeShawn Goncalves
08. Graham DeFranco
09. Hunter Metts
10. Jason Warrior
11. Willie Spence
12. Wyatt Pike


01. Alana Sherman

02. Alanis Sophia
03. Alyssa Wray

04. Andrea Valles

05. Anilee List (see red text)

06. Ava August
07. Casey Bishop
08. Cassandra Coleman
09. Grace Kinstler
10. Hannah Everhart

11. Liahona Olayan
12. Madison Watkins

13. Mary Jo Young

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23 minutes ago, Carrie_On said:

A decent list for the guys. The girls are gonna clobber them but it only takes that one charming guy to completely flip things. 

I’m most pressed about Hannah robbing someone more deserving of her spot. 


Agree with everything you said. 

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