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Rank the Blinds: Season 20 Episode 4


Choose your favorite.  

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  1. 1. Favorite night 4 blind that turned a chair?

    • Connor Christian - Bright Lights
    • Bradley Sinclair - Say You Won't Let Go
    • Gihanna Zoe - She Used To Be Mine
    • JD Casper - How To Save A Life
    • Deion Warren - Shallow

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1. Deion Warren

2. Gihanna Zoe

3. Bradley Sinclair

4. JD Casper

5. Connor Christian

6. Kaitlynn Myers


I had a hard time rating/ranking them since they all seemed to have parts that were really good, then other parts that were either boring or went off the rails a bit. Kind of a mediocre group to me. I have Deion in the #10 spot including everyone from all 4 episodes.

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I really liked tonight. Way more than I expected to.

1. Gihanna Zoe (8.5/10) - A great performance! She showed just the right amount of skill that warranted her chair turns and let the coaches see her potential without giving away too much. She's gonna surprise us for sure!

2. Connor Christian (8.5/10) - Love his tone a whole lot! About time we get another contestant like him on the show. Hoping he goes far! Funny parents as well!

3. JD Casper (8/10) - I appreciate the flip because I detest the original song. :haha: A very cool vibe here. Not the strongest voice for sure, but with his interpretation of the song, it suited it pretty well.

4. Bradley Sinclair (8/10) - Didn't expect to like him given the song choice, but there was something intriguing about his performance that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It certainly wasn't perfect but I was pleasantly surprised by this.

5. Deion Warren (8/10) - I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely potential there with John as his coach. I can see where he needs improvement but we can probably anticipate another great performance from him.




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6 minutes ago, Someone648 said:


2. Connor Christian (8.5/10) - Love his tone a whole lot! About time we get another contestant like him on the show. Hoping he goes far! Funny parents as well!

Somebody else who liked Connor here lol. He was ripped apart tonight by IDF. I would have liked a bit more power, but I really dig his tone, and Gary Clark Jr is always a plus.

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Did not like what they've done to their songs

5. Deion Warren
4. Bradley Sinclair

3. Gihanna Zoe


Frustrated at their potential vs. what actually happened at their auditions

2. Connor Christian

1. JD Casper - this would have been a perfect MJBait audition had he not royally messed up the phrasing at the start.


This was not a good week y'all. And I'm usually one of the more positive people here.

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Seems, after scanning the thread, I am with the majority as I, too, picked Gihanna.  Pushing 85% compared to 10 or less than 5.  Wee bit of an editorial comment that is... as in yeeeesh 😲 Can you say 'landslide' boys & girls?  No, not the song 🙄

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Fuz's Standings (week 2)

Zae Romeo: A

Cam Anthony: A

Victor Solomon: A

Avery Roberson: A

Corey Ward: A-

Dana Monique: A-

Halley Greg: A-

Raine Stern: A-

Jose Figueroa Jr.: A-

Ryleigh Modig: B+

Carolina Rial: B+

Gean Garcia: B+

Durell Anthony: B+

Deion Warren: B+

Pete Mroz: B

Pia Renee: B

Bradley Sinclair: B

Kenzie Wheeler: B
Kenzie Wheeler but on Team Blake: B

Andrew Marshall: B-

Connor Christian: B-

Ciana Pelekai: B-

Aaron Konzelman: B-
Devan Blake Jones: B-

Gihanna ZoëC+

Christine Cain: C

Emma Caroline: C

JD Casper: C


i just don't think i liked this episode a whole lot tbh

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1. Bradley Sinclair - Surprisingly my favorite of the night. His tone is not for everybody, but I dig it. He has a cool rasp as well, and finished very well.


2. Deion Warren- Another controversial tone, but I enjoyed it. He took the song to different places, and infused with a bit of R&B.


3. Connor Christian - I expected more power and projection, but this wasnt nearly as bad as IDF painted it out to be. Good rasp, and Gary Clark Jr is always a plus for me.


4. Gihanna Zoe - Controversial ranking, but that beggining was very shaky. She got way better as it went along though, and ended fantastically. Still, she's 4th for me.


5. JD Casper - The only real dud of the night for me. Props for showing musicianship with the two instrument playing, but the flip of the song didn't work for me.


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1. Gihanna Zoe - honestly I just liked her voice, tone and delivery the most, even if I kept on thinking about Mercedes LOL.

2. Bradley Sinclair - his voice was probably the favorite of the night for me. I'm most likely to listen to a voice like his regularly.

3/4. Deion Warren - took "Shallow" and did some interesting stuff with it, even if he's not my cup of tea.

4/3. Connor Christian - dig that song choice! Would like to hear some more.

5. JD Casper - only at the bottom for shaky start, but he was alright.


I didn't dislike anyone, so that's good! 🙂


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1. Deion Warren (I literally feel the song)

2. JD Casper (His voice just gave me chills)

3. Gihanna Zoe (I expect more from her due to the hype that had been created)

4. Bradley Sinclair (He was ok )

5. Connor Christian (I didn't like him at all)


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