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Rank the Blinds: Season 20 Episode 3


Choose your favorite.  

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  1. 1. Favorite night 3 blind that turned a chair?

    • Ryleigh Modig - when the party's over
    • Pia Renee - Master Blaster (Jammin’)
    • Andrew Marshall - Gravity
    • Emma Caroline - Slow Burn
    • Ciana Pelekai - Dance Monkey
    • Jose Figueroa Jr - At This Moment
    • Halley Greg - I'm Like a Bird
    • Durrell Anthony - What's Going On
    • Avery Roberson - If You're Reading This
  2. 2. Favorite night 3 blind that got no chairs?

    • James Tutson - Beyond
    • Jesse Desorcy - Dust On The Bottle

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  1. Ciana Pelekai (B+, honestly should be an A- but I can't stand "Dance Monkey")
  2. Avery Roberson (B+, I loved his song choice and tone; honestly shocked he actually got a higher in-app percentage than Kenzie from the premiere)
  3. Andrew Marshall (B+, Chris Jamison's version was not shook but this was pleasant to listen to and should've gotten a Blake turn at least)
  4. Durell Anthony (B+, Viktor Kiraly's version remains superior but again, this was solid and definitely deserved both turns)
  5. Ryleigh Modig (B, she sounded shaky but her runs were solid and the "Kelly I'm gay" moment is iconic-level material)
  6. Pia Renee (B, surprised the coaches waited so long to turn but I do think a different song may have suited her better)
  7. Halley Greg (B, her mid-range is really really good but the higher notes I wasn't a fan of)
  8. Jose Figueroa Jr. (B-, there were So. Many. Runs. that my ears feel like I ran a 10K without leaving the couch)
  9. Emma Caroline (B-, I love Kacey Musgraves and it pains me to put someone who covered her this low but I just wasn't feeling it)
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Halley, Durrell and Ryleigh were the standouts


Halley was phenomenal. Her tone was gorgeous and it was just so beautiful as a whole. Underrated imo.

durrel was amazing. Would’ve said at least 3 chairs for him. High notes were very strong

Ryleigh was great too. I thought the lower notes would be a struggle but she did really great overall, and she had some great runs too.

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Fuz's Standings (week 2)

Zae Romeo: A

Cam Anthony: A

Victor Solomon: A

Avery Roberson: A

Corey Ward: A-

Dana Monique: A-

Halley Greg: A-

Raine Stern: A-

Jose Figueroa Jr.A-

Ryleigh Modig: B+

Carolina Rial: B+

Gean Garcia: B+

Durell Anthony: B+

Pete Mroz: B

Pia Renee: B

Kenzie Wheeler: B
Kenzie Wheeler but on Team Blake: B

Andrew Marshall: B-

Ciana Pelekai: B-

Aaron Konzelman: B-
Devan Blake Jones: B-

Christine Cain: C

Emma Caroline: C

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1. Halley Greg - I might be biased because I've loved her since the spoilers came out, but this was so delicate and beautiful. Some people didn't like her high notes but I actually loved it when she went into her high head voice. A-


2. Durell Anthony - This guy's mixed/falsetto register is amazing. I also really liked the song choice. A-


3. Avery Roberson - He told the story well, but his voice is a little thin for my taste. B+


4. Pia Renee - She did well with the song she chose, but I would like to hear her sing something else. B

5. Ciana Pelekai - Ditto w/ Pia. B


6. Ryleigh Modig - Didn't like all her choices, since this isn't a song I want to hear ornamented with runs. However, she can sing well and I'm hoping to hear her sing another song. B


7. Andrew Marshall - Pretty plain but it has some nice moments. B-


8. Jose Figueroa, Jr. - Not a fan of his style, and while he could definitely sing, the runs were too much for my taste. B-


9. Emma Caroline - This was... better than I was expecting? Her tone is pretty, but it isn't my thing, and her nerves are very very apparent. C+

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I saw tonight as a bunch of good contestants who didn't quite give perfect auditions, but show serious potential.


1. Halley Greg (9/10) - Allow me to publicly state my bias: I'm a sucker for Nelly Furtado. Furthermore, I'm a sucker for Halley's tone. While she wasn't vocally perfect, she truly transformed the song into something even more gorgeous. That tone, man... I hope she gets the opportunity to show off next round.

2. Jose Figueroa, Jr. (9/10) - Surprise of the night for me! He'd flown completely under my radar until now. That was an excellent vocal and I disagree with Kelly - his runs were pretty solid and they warranted another chair turn.

3. Durell Anthony (8.5/10) - Ok sir! Tired of this song, but he had an interesting take here that I feel paid off. Solid vocals from Durell!

4. Andrew Marshall (8.5/10) - Definitely not where I thought I'd rank him but here we are! I feel like he did just enough with the song to make it pleasant. This song is so easily overdone or underwhelming and I feel like he found a pretty solid balance and it overall worked!

5. Ryleigh Modig (8/10) - A tricky song and she made some interesting choices with it. Not 100% of the choices landed, but she was able to give a very solid performance with consistent vocals. Definitely a contestant that will benefit from coaching and learning to make the right choices when interpreting a song. Also hilarious!

6. Avery Roberson (8/10) - Took me a few listens to actually like it, but he's definitely enjoyable. Definitely good at conveying emotion, needs to showcase some stronger vocals to match it.

7. Pia Renee (7.5/10) - She's solid! I actually enjoyed her a lot more than others tonight, but I felt like this wasn't the song choice to prove what she's capable of.

8. Ciana Pelekai (7/10) - Not even a total flip could make this song choice a good one. She's definitely at least a decent singer, but all the choices involved here failed to come together. I'm sure she's good, but whoever gave her this song... yikes. Will need to hear more from her in a future round. 

9. Emma Caroline (6.5/10) - I'm sure she had nerves that affected her performance, but this was really disappointing for me, personally. Too lax and too many noticeable errors. A shame since I was rooting for her with that song choice, but I'm sure she can perform better when she controls herself.

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1. Halley (In a boring episode, she was the only one who managed do something different, so easy #1)

2. Durell (Solid, but uninspired song choice)

3. Pia (I know she can do better than what we saw here)

4. Ciana (I don’t hate the song as much as other people here, but it didn’t do her any favors.

5. Ryleigh (I like her voice, but I need to hear more. Edit: I started to hear pitch issues after a rewatch, so I changed her placement)

6. Avery (I don’t like his voice and this was pretty plain)

7. Jose (I don’t think there were that many runs, but I wasn’t a fan of the ones that he did)

8. Andrew (Basic)

9. Emma (Love Kacey but this wasn’t it)

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1. Halley Greg - What a pleasant surprise! The best of the night imo.

2. Durell Anthony - He has a perfectly balanced mix and I'm a sucker of it.

3. Avery Roberson - Incredible Tone. Really loved the emotion he showed.

4. Jose Figueroa Jr - Loved his choices. I'm keeping an eye on him.

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Halley Greg - Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird"
Beautiful, unique take on a great song. Nothing more to say. A


Ciana Pelekai - Tones and I's "Dance Monkey"
Liked her, and the song's...okay. Would like to hear something else from her though. A-

Durell Anthony - Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"
I'm so tired of this song LOL. Sounded fresh with his voice, though. A-

Avery Roberson - Tim McGraw's "If You're Reading This"
Liked this a lot more than expected. It was pleasant and emotive. A-


Ryleigh Modig - Billie Eilish's "when the party's over"
Not a perfect delivery, but there's a solid foundation to work with. Wanna hear more. B+

Pia Renee - Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster (Jammin)" 
Not bad, but some parts were shaky. B+


Andrew Marshall - John Mayer's "Gravity"
This was pretty solid, not groundbreaking. Decent vocal control. B


Jose Figueroa Jr. - Billy Vera & The Beaters' "At This Moment"
This was exhausting to listen to. But he's clearly talented, just needs to reel it in. B-

Emma Caroline - Kacey Musgraves' "Slow Burn"
Her tone is super nice, but she was nervous and it showed. B-

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1. Ryleigh Modig - when the party's over

2. Halley Greg - I'm Like a Bird
3. Avery Roberson - If You're Reading This
4. Emma Caroline - Slow Burn
5. Pia Renee - Master Blaster (Jammin’)
6. Ciana Pelekai - Dance Monkey
7. Durrell Anthony - What's Going On
8. Andrew Marshall - Gravity
9. Jose Figueroa Jr - At This Moment
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5 minutes ago, B-B said:

Not some of y’all saying you’re tired of “What’s Going On”, when it’s one of the greatest songs ever

I supposed it´s tiring to hear so many cover versions not only on this show, but pretty much on any singing competition, since this song is a staple for them. Durrell killed it though.


And I agree, it´s a phenomenal song, the whole album´s great.

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Ryleigh Modig 8.3 = B
Pia Renee 8.5 = B
Andrew Marshall 8.5 = B
Emma Caroline 9 = A-
Ciana Pelekai 9 = A-
Jose Figueroa Jr. 9.2 = A-
Halley Greg 9.1 = A-
Durrell Anthony 9.2 = A-
Avery Roberson 8.6 = B



- ryleigh sounded pitchy and shaky at parts but i expect to like her more later

- pia picked a super fast-paced song that didn't let her show off her vocal prowess imo

- andrew is cool but his tone didn't feel like it was anything new; it was pleasant to listen to though

- love emma's tone even if the song didn't go too much of anywhere

- ciana has a cool voice but i wish she picked a song that remained slow throughout like the first part

- jose did great! he did a lot of runs but they didn't sound like they were too overdone

- halley has such a cool voice! she was markedly different from the rest; i hope she goes far

- durrell opened in a really cool way and as it started to get a liiiittle boring in the middle, he did something new that was cool

- avery has a cool tone and this audition has grown on me more now, i prefer it to kenzie's, though i wish avery had a stronger voice

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1. Durell Anthony

2. Halley Greg

3. Pia Renee

4. Ryleigh Modig

5. Andrew Marshall

6. Jose Figueroa Jr.

7. Ciana Pelekai

8. Emma Caroline

9. Avery Roberson

10. James Tutson  

11. Jesse Desorcy

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1. Ryleigh Modig (This was intense and so powerful, favorite artist of this season)

2. Avery Roberson (I definitely want to listen him more because this was simple and soothing)

3. Halley Greg (I wish more coaches would turn for her, nice performance)

4. Durrell Anthony ( I really liked him)

5. Emma Caroline (she has to work on her nerves)

6. Ciana Pelekai 

7. Andrew Marshall

8. Pia Renee

9. Jose Figueroa, Jr.

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