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Who Sang "Don´t Close Your Eyes" the best?


Who Sang "Don´t Close Your Eyes" the best?  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Jake Worthington (S6)
    • Dalton Dover (S16)
    • Kenzie Wheeler (S20)

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My ranking.


Jake Worthington






Kenzie Wheeler






Dalton Dover




For me, Jake's raw performance edges out Kenzie's more polished version. I prefer Jake's tone more. Kenzie started good but it got messy with the semi key change. Dalton's higher tone is my least favorite but I still like him enough that season that I made a fan thread for him.


I like all three contestants but Jake W is my top favorite among three. Season 6 was the last season that I like all 3 Team Blake post playoff contestants.


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