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Rank the Blinds: Season 20 Episode 1


Choose your favorite.  

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  1. 1. Favorite night 1 blind that turned a chair?

    • Kenzie Wheeler - Don't Close Your Eyes
    • Dana Monique - Freeway of Love
    • Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down
    • Christine Cain - Watermelon Sugar
    • Pete Mroz - Can't Find My Way Home
    • Devan Blake Jones - Hard Place
    • Raine Stern - Electric Feel
    • Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own
    • Victor Solomon - Glory
  2. 2. Favorite night 1 blind that got no chairs?

    • Madison Curbelo - Don't Worry, Be Happy
    • Madison Marigold - If The World Was Ending

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Just now, David68 said:

Here's my rankings:







Favorite no chair: Madison C. definitely. She just needed a beetter song but she had a rad voice.

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1.Cam Anthony

2.Corey Ward

3.Raine Stern

4.Victor Solomon

5.Dana Monique

6.Pete Mroz

7.Kenzie Wheeler

8.Christine Cain

9.Devan Blake Jones

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Best of the night
Really solid
Not too shabby
I didn't really think anyone was "bad" during the premiere, just some I liked more than others.
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I'm playing catch-up.  Having just moved didn't really have computer or TV for a short while.  Anyway, there was one who I liked & impressed me and was Kenzie. Oh & Pete was ok, too.

I didn't care much for the rest of this 1st night.¬† Ain't subjectivity great, eh‚ĚĒūüėā

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On 3/1/2021 at 7:56 PM, QueenCami said:
Corey Ward 9.7 = A+
Cam Anthony 9.3 = A
Raine Stern 9.1 = A-
Dana Monique 9 = A-
Christine Cain 8.5 = B
Victor Solomon 8.4 = B
Kenzie Wheeler 8 = B-
Pete Mroz 7 = C-
Devan Blake Jones 7 = C-


- Corey was incredible, not expected at all. I love that he started off smooth and more pop and ended more with the rock.

- Cam was very good, but I didn't love all of his choices and I didn't like his tone on the higher parts too much.

- At first I listened to Raine and I thought it was bad and everyone thought it was good, so I relistened and now I really like it; not sure if it's because Raine was actually good to me or because I subconsciously forced myself to like it more, but she was better on the relisten. Very unique.

- Dana was so much better than her clip implied. The band was slightly too loud imo. 

- Christine has a nice tone and brought a bit of soul to a pop song.

- Victor is clearly a great vocalist but I really disliked some of his stylistic choices, enough to drop him down a whole point.

- Kenzie has such a lovely tone, but he didn't show off his range as much as he did in the covers online.

- Pete was boring to me. I considered putting him at a 6, but I decided to not place people below 7 unless they have pitch issues.

- Devan was meh, I liked some stuff he did but he's very mediocre.

- Madison #1 deserved a chair turn imo, I really like her tone. 

- Madison #2 did not deserve a turn at all imo, she seemed very out of breath and I don't think she could handle saying all the lyrics to the song. She needed a song with less words.

slightly updated (i edited after listening again to all of them on youtube)


Corey Ward 9.5 = A
Cam Anthony 9.3 = A
Raine Stern 9.2 = A-
Dana Monique 9.1 = A-
Christine Cain 8.8 = B+
Victor Solomon 8.7 = B+
Kenzie Wheeler 8.4 = B
Devan Blake Jones 7.3 = C
Pete Mroz 7 = C-



I think I may have overrated Corey a bit still because of how shocked I was at his blind‚ÄĒI didn't expect to like it that much.

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Shocked that Madison C. is losing the no-chair turners poll. She had a beautiful tone and I think deserved one chair turn even w that song (iffy), but with the right song, she 100% deserved a turn.

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1. Kenzie Wheeler

2. Victor Solomon

3. Raine Stern

4. Dana Monique

5. Corey Ward

6. Cam Anthony

7. Devan Blake Jones

8. Pete Mroz

9. Madison Marigold

10. Madison Curbelo

11. Christine Cain

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1. Cam Anthony (The best performance of the night, it deserved to be four chair turn).

2. Raine Stern (Electrifying Performance)

3. Victor Solomon (He also deserved to be four chair turn)

4. Corey Ward (Amazing Comeback)

5. Christine Cain (I actually liked her)

6. Kenzie Wheeler 

7. Dana Monique

8. Pete Mroz

9. Devan Blake Jones



Madison Marigold (I wish she got a chair turn)

Madison Curbelo

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1) Can Anthony (hopefully he tries something new soon. Can see him doing same things) but best by far for this group wow


2) Kenzie Wheeler - I hate to say but he was good 


3) Dana Monique - Amazing. Need to see if she keep this momentum going whole show. Very nice voice experienced 


4) Raine Stern - so good at end. Kind of Michael Jackson sound 


5) Victor Solomon (sounds good much like a John. Need his own sound but good still)


6) Devan Blake Jones (Did very well. I think he is no liked on IDF too much for save but he sang better than I imagine)


7) Corey Wards (Good but was not that impress. Great story)


8. Christine Cane - Very fun to watch. Was a note that sound too nasal but was fun performance and personality)


9. Pete Mroz - not my style so I don’t like too much 





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