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Rank the Blinds: Season 20 Episode 1


Choose your favorite.  

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  1. 1. Favorite night 1 blind that turned a chair?

    • Kenzie Wheeler - Don't Close Your Eyes
    • Dana Monique - Freeway of Love
    • Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down
    • Christine Cain - Watermelon Sugar
    • Pete Mroz - Can't Find My Way Home
    • Devan Blake Jones - Hard Place
    • Raine Stern - Electric Feel
    • Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own
    • Victor Solomon - Glory
  2. 2. Favorite night 1 blind that got no chairs?

    • Madison Curbelo - Don't Worry, Be Happy
    • Madison Marigold - If The World Was Ending

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  1. Corey/Cam (both As, and no, I will not be picking between them)
  2. Dana (A-, she was great and I stand by only 45% of the audience turning being absolute bulls**t)
  3. Kenzie (B+, he was good but underwhelming)
  4. Victor (B+, he was solid and a good choice to close the night)
  5. Raine (B, cool from an artistry perspective but not sure how well that's going to translate to the later rounds of the show)
  6. Pete (B, pretty good but not my cup of tea)
  7. Devan (B-, nice runs but I detected some nerves so that brings him down a notch)
  8. Christine (C, I feel like a bad person putting her this low but she's just not my thing vocally)
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Corey Ward 9.7 = A+
Cam Anthony 9.3 = A
Raine Stern 9.1 = A-
Dana Monique 9 = A-
Christine Cain 8.5 = B
Victor Solomon 8.4 = B
Kenzie Wheeler 8 = B-
Pete Mroz 7 = C-
Devan Blake Jones 7 = C-


- Corey was incredible, not expected at all. I love that he started off smooth and more pop and ended more with the rock.

- Cam was very good, but I didn't love all of his choices and I didn't like his tone on the higher parts too much.

- At first I listened to Raine and I thought it was bad and everyone thought it was good, so I relistened and now I really like it; not sure if it's because Raine was actually good to me or because I subconsciously forced myself to like it more, but she was better on the relisten. Very unique.

- Dana was so much better than her clip implied. The band was slightly too loud imo. 

- Christine has a nice tone and brought a bit of soul to a pop song.

- Victor is clearly a great vocalist but I really disliked some of his stylistic choices, enough to drop him down a whole point.

- Kenzie has such a lovely tone, but he didn't show off his range as much as he did in the covers online.

- Pete was boring to me. I considered putting him at a 6, but I decided to not place people below 7 unless they have pitch issues.

- Devan was meh, I liked some stuff he did but he's very mediocre.

- Madison #1 deserved a chair turn imo, I really like her tone. 

- Madison #2 did not deserve a turn at all imo, she seemed very out of breath and I don't think she could handle saying all the lyrics to the song. She needed a song with less words.

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Pete , Corey and Cam spoke to me the most tonight. Kenzie was good, but changing the key from the original kinda hurt him and he needs help with his stage presence. Still love him though.

Raine was great as well.


1. Pete/Corey (Liked them both equally honestly)

2. Cam

3. Raine

4. Kenzie

5. Victor

6. Dana

7. Devan

8. Christine

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I loved these auditions:

1. Cam/Raine (loved both! can't decide becuase they're too different)

2. Victor (his audition really grew on me)

3. Pete (I did NOT expect to like him as much as I did, he has a great tone and navigates his upper range very well)

4. Corey (he did great, I would probably have him higher if i liked the song better)

5. Dana (she killed it, can't wait to see what she does with a bigger song)



6. Kenzie (wish he showed more range, his tone doesn't appeal to me)

7. Devan (a little shaky, but got better as it went along)


Yeah... it's a no:

8. Christine (very nervous. it got worse as it went)


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I felt nothing
9. Christine Cain
8. Devan Blake Jones

7. Kenzie Wheeler


Interesting voices if a little too much

6. Raine Stern
5. Dana Monique


Extremely solid
4. Victor Solomon

3. Cam Anthony


Snowflake alert!

2. Pete Mroz

1. Corey Ward

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Had to go join the fan thread right away: 

Cam Anthony


Thoroughly enjoyed: 

Dana Monique 


Really enjoyed: 

Madison Curbelo

Victor Solomon

Raine Stern

Really enjoyed, but I have a feeling he can do better:

Pete Mroz  (Steve Knill vibes, minus the runs) 


Bored during the first listen, but enjoyed moderately during second: 

Kenzie Wheeler


Very unpopular opinion: disliked: 

Corey Ward (probably just due to overdone song choice) 


Had potential, but needed to be tighter: 

Devan Blake Jones

Christine Cain

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Man am I pleased for once! Very strong night. Even the worst chair turners were just above average.


1. Cam Anthony (9.5/10) - Damn, man. It's a song that's so easy to overdo but everything about it was just right. Looking at a potential winner here!

2. Corey Ward (9/10) - This song's long overdue for retirement but Corey finally gave us a worthwhile version full of passion and emotion. Rooting for him!

3. Dana Monique (9/10) -...And she was holding back!

4. Raine Stern (9/10) - Okay, Raine! Brilliant song choice aside, that kept me on my toes the whole time. A fresh take on a hit that's been done on the show both very well and very badly. She definitely set herself apart.

5. Victor Solomon (9/10) - It wasn't until I saw this on TV that I genuinely heard the John Legend part of his voice. It's unmistakable - looking forward to hearing what's next!

6. Pete Mroz (8.5/10) - A very solid version of the song. Definitely a worthy chair turn and I'm looking forward to hearing more!

7. Kenzie Wheeler (8/10) - Didn't quite hit the "one-of-a-kind" mark that some of the sources seemed to hype him up as, but still very solid and I did enjoy him. If you know me, I don't like country that much, but I do like Kenzie so there's that.


8. Christine Cain (7.5/10) - She's enjoyable but she never truly hit a high point in the song that excited me enough to turn my hypothetical chair. Potential's there, though!

9. Devan Blake Jones (7.5/10) - I had low expectations for this, but it was a solid enough performance! I have no complaints, just felt everyone else was stronger tonight.

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1a. Cam Anthony - As great as expected.

1b. Victor Solomon - Didn't like it much the first time I heard it but the more I listen to it the more I love it. Such a cool tone. I'm really looking forward to him.

3. Corey Ward - What a surprise! Didn't expect him to be that great.




4. Dana Monique - Some of her notes were killer but still I don't think it was the right song for her. I hope she gets a song that can represent her true power.

5. Pete Mroz - Love his Tone. A good performance. 

6. Kenzie Wheeler - He is much better than this. I hope he delivers in his other performances.

7. Raine Stern - Has potential tbh.


Don't care for the rest.

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Fantastic :wub:

1. Cam - Perfect delivery. This will be hard to top.


Great job!

2. Raine - Love the rasp and the song choice. The most interesting act of the night.

3. Corey - Don’t like the song choice, but he killed it.

4. Victor - Great vocals and tone.

5. Dana - Everything was perfect until the end (she did too much with some notes). Still great tho.


Good, need to hear more

6. Pete - Cool tone and loved some of his vocal choices, but it was somewhat forgettable.

7. Kenzie - Not a fan but he wasn’t bad.

8. Devan - Nice voice and cool song choice, but he was nervous and it showed.



9. Christine - This went south after the first chorus.


Strong premiere considering how underwhelming the premiere of these past seasons have been. We’ll see if they can keep up the level in future episodes.

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Just caught these on YT.


1.  Cam - Potential winner.

2.  Pete - Surprisingly enjoyed this quite a bit.

3.  Raine - Unique.  Hard to see her going far though.

4.  Corey - Didn't like it as much as most seemed to, but it was fine.

5.  Victor - Good singer.  Not my style.

6.  Kenzie - Average at best.  Def not a frontrunner audition imo.


Didn't watch the rest.


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1. Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down

2. Raine Stern - Electric Feel
3. Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own
4. Victor Solomon - Glory
5. Dana Monique - Freeway of Love
6. Kenzie Wheeler - Don't Close Your Eyes
7. Christine Cain - Watermelon Sugar
8. Pete Mroz - Can't Find My Way Home
9. Devan Blake Jones - Hard Place
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1.Cam (10/10)

2. Raine (9.5/10

3. Victor (8.5/10)

4. Kenzie (8/10)

5. Pete(8/10)

6. Corey (7/10)

7. Devan (7/10)

8. Christine (6.5/10)

The people who really stood out to me were Cam and Raine. Everyone has great voices though.

Cam- His range is out of this world, He has great control, and is definitely hard to put in a category. 

Raine- I LOVED her voice, it was raspy and had such a cool tone. She was another one if my favorites this episode. 

Victor- He has such a POWERFUL voice but he was another overhyped performer last night.

Kenzie- He was a little underwhelming, the forum really overhyped him. But overall it was a great performance.

Pete- He was good but definitely not my favorite of the night. He has a nice tone and you can tell he really feels what he sings.

Corey- Great voice and I think will last a little longer but not too long.

Devan- He was great but not the best performance.

Christine- You can tell she can sing, but that song was not the best song to showcase her voice.



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