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American Idol S19 ● Auditions 3 ● Discussion


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Hunter and Alanis were the best of the night. I like Ronda too but I don’t think she’s a good enough singer to make the voting rounds. 

What was with Christian making it but Jeremias not? She was much worse than him. I guess he should’ve started crying. 

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Weaker episode. Ronda, Alanis, and Mary Jo were okay, but they didn't really convince me they'll be in this for the long haul. I can MAYBE see Ronda being a dark horse. Unless I'm missing something, there isn't a lot of male talent this year. We are heading for a season 12 lmao.

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2 minutes ago, jazzontherocks said:

Her name instantly reminded me of Alanis Morissette. Her voice is absolutely incredible. Radio-ready too. XD

Her mom said that's who she was named after! :wub:

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Good, solid show tonight. i was flipping during comercial breaks to the golden globes. I liked Cecil, Hunter, Alanis, Mary Jo and Samantha. LOVED RHONDA. Rhonda gave the most memorable audition. so far this season. And thank you to cecil for doing Morgan Wallen, needed to hear that.

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Art happens when life meets inner-hearts performance in some compelling way.  The saving grace of this episode was Rhonda.  Her circumstances alone were enough to move me to tears - her performance in light of her circumstances broke the dam.


Unfortunately this episode, IMO, is the worst in the history of American Idol.  And as moving as Rhonda was it isn't near enough to save it. How did Idol get so far off track?


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  • istersay changed the title to American Idol S19 ● Auditions 3 ● Discussion

Here are my comments as I’m watching the episode on my ABC app:


1.  Cecil — he’s good but not great.  I do feel sorry for him with the three suicides, though.

2.  Samantha — she’s very good but I don’t know how well she will do in Hollywood.  I’ve already heard better singers than her.

3.  Graham — better than Cecil and I think that he has a decent shot at making at least the Top 40.

4.  Tom — he’s a better jingle writer than a recording artist.  He should stick with writing jingles.

5.  Mary Jo — best singer so far!  She’ll make the Top 40 at least, if she doesn’t fall apart in Hollywood.

6.  Christian — I’m glad that the judges got her to calm down but I don’t think that she’ll get far in Hollywood.

7.  Alanis — another fine singer who could make the Top 40 at least.  Man, the girls are really great!

8.  Mias — well, at least he tried.  But the judges felt that he wasn’t ready yet.

9.  Erika — like with Christian, I don’t think that she’ll get far in Hollywood.

10.  Hunter — he was one of the better male singers and I think that he might at least make the Top 40.

11.  Ronda — another fine singer who might make the Top 40 if not the Top 24.  There are so many fine female singers!

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