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Hunter Metts fan thead

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May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Idol abc n 10 VOTES VIA TEXT V8TI (TEXT "23" TO 21523) 30 VOTES TOTAL 10 VOTES VIA APP (AMERICAN IDOL APP) + 10 VOTES VIA WEBSITE (HTTPS://IDOLVOTE.ABC.COM) VOTING OPEN FROM 8|7PM CT UNTIL 6|5AM CT American Idol"












i think he sounds unique and his voice is amazing  and i love how he tells a story through his music if you want to be added just say add me

1 jamescasaki

2 Carrie on

3 Jazon the rocks

4 Stacy


6 Idol Maniac

7 Eliet

8Anonnymouse kid 35

9Bk 1234

10 Nikki 


12 angeles

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  • 2 weeks later...

Add me please! ❤️

I’m behind on this season and just finished watching the showstoppers part 2 but hope to catch up soon!

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2 minutes ago, jamescasaki said:

welcome to the top 12 hunter

Hunter just keeps picking my favorite songs and slaying. :wub: Definitely my favorite guy out of the ones left.

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