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Coaches Favs


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Who’s the coaches favorite contestant?

Kelly: Brynn Cartelli, Jake Hoot, Desz, Kenzie Wheeler (she was standing during his entire audition). Maybe Megan Danielle as well

John: Maelyn? Katie? MAYBE John Holiday/Tamara.

Nick: Probably Thunderstorm, Allegra is a close second

Blake: Cassadee Pope, Danielle B, Chloe K, Kyla Jade, Sissaundra Lewis, Cam Anthony for S20 maybe...?

Adam: Reagan Strange, Addison Agen, Jordan Smith

Miley: Janice Freeman 100%. She also liked Ali from S11

Jennifer: Honestly, she showed more enthusiasm with Mackenzie Thomas than Kennedy...and I think she also liked Davon Flemming.

Shakira: Kristen Merlin, Sasha Allen

Usher: Michelle C.

Pharrel: Koryn? Idk he was neutral. 

Christina: Kymberyli Nichole, Alison Porter

Gwen: Rose Short, Carter Rubin, Jeffrey Austin

Alicia: Chris Blue, Wé 

CeeLo: Vicci Martinez, Juliet Simms, Trevin Hunte

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If i had to pick only one from each coach, i would say 

Blake: Danielle Bradbery

Adam: Jordan Smith 

Xtina: Jacquie Lee 

CeeLo: Juliet Simms 

Usher: Michelle Chamuel 

Shakira: Kristen Merlin 

Pharrell: Hannah Huston 

Gwen: Carter Rubin 

Alicia: Chris Blue 

Miley: Janice Freeman 

JHud: Mackenzie Thomas (I'm pretty sure she loved Kennedy tooo, but yeah, as someone said it above, she showed more enthusiasm for MacKenzie)

Kelly: Brynn Cartelli  

John: Maelyn Jarmon 

Nick: No idea lol, probably Allegra Miles


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Kelly: Brynn by far.

John: Maelyn/Katie/John H.

Nick: Allegra. He liked T-storm a bit as well.

Blake: Danielle would be his #1. He also super loved Xenia, Chloe, Kyla and Cassade.

Adam: Jordan Smith. He also super loved Tessanne Chin, Christina Grimmie, Addison Agen, and Reagan Strange.

Miley: Janice and Ali.

Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes and Makenzie Thomas.

Shakira: Kristen Merlin and Sasha Allen.

Usher: Michelle Chamuel. He also liked Josh.

Pharrel: Sawyer easily.

Christina: Jaquie followed by Alisan.

Gwen: Carter and then Rose.

Alicia: Chris Blue easily.

CeeLo: Juliet Simms easily.

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"I’ve never been more honored to work with, first of all a human being, then an artist ..." Blake after Kyla’s Semifinals performance


We can all agree that Miley’s were definitely Janice and Ali, Gwen’s are Rose and Carter, I think she really loved Myracle but no one had figured it out early on since she got so little air time.


Xtina’s would be Alisan, Jacquie and definitely Kimberly Nicole, she was pissed as hell when she landed in the bottom 2 and eventually got eliminated.

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Adam: Reagan Strange, Jordan Smith, Addison Agen, Christina Grimmie

Blake: idk but probably Danielle or Cassadee 

Xtina: Alisan Porter with Jacquie Lee a close second

CeeLo: Caroline Pennell or Juliet Simms i also remember him favoriting Johnny Gray in season 5

Usher: Michelle Camuel, Josh Kaufman

Sakira: Kristen Merlin

Gwen: Carter, Rose, Jeffery, she also liked Braiden Sunshine in season 9 because he was young but i do not think he is one of her favorites

Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks, Hannah Huston

Miley: Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, Ali Caldwell

Alicia: Chris Blue.

Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes or Makenzie Thomas 

Kelly: Brynn Cartelli.

John: John Holiday, Maelyn, Katie Kadan i think he might favorite Victor this season as well

Nick: Thunderstorm

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I was wondering whose Kelly's favorite is? We all know how much she loves Brynn. She invited her on her talk show time and time again. But Kelly also looked really enthusiastic for DeSz, Kenzie and GNT.


Also Adam's is a bit of confusing as well. He adored Tessanne and Amber. Christina, Matt, Chris J, Jordan, and Addison also have a special place in his heart. And of course he loves Reagan as well. I think it would be interesting to know what y'all think about his absolute favorite. I'm leaning it a bit more towards Jordan since he said, "Nobody has ever moved me in a way Jordan does". P.S. I have never seen Jordan standing DURING a performance(minus Shawn Sound's IS because he wanted him to win) and acting way he did during Jordan's Somebody To Love. And he also gave him a "Mic Drop".


Blake's is pretty obvious. He mentioned in an interview that he loves Danielle the most.


John's is a bit of tricky as well. He adored Maelyn. He seemed so passionate for Katie. He called Victor's Freedom The best performance he's ever seen on a voice stage.



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How about jershika maple for John? Even though she was a steal he seemed most invested in her out of all his contestants. Also wasn't he teary eyed at one point after one of the IS performances? Or was it the finale? 


Also,Jennifer made Davon her backup singer. He's clearly one of her faves.

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