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         Corey Ward Fan Thread



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The Fans:

1. David68

2. Teraginn

3. jamescasaki

4. Dalton Eduardo

5. Misirlou

6. VoiceTakeover890

7. FloorWax

8. VintageVoice

9. B-B

10. QueenMae16
11. anonymouskid_35

12. CaptainOggy6320

13. Bk1234

14. QueenCami

15. SNI2

16. Persy

17. Archanium

18. Hamza Tufail

19. jarmon

20. Daillon

21. thevoicefan

22. AliXRose

23. Gustavo527

24. Maxwell

25. azwige

26. VoiceFan1234

27. Angeles

28. VoiceFan!

29. KimberlyxKyla

30. Milkitaaa

31. Jordan Smith Fan

32. Anonymoose

33. Sachin Jain

34. Cookie73

35. RickyCoben

36. AmyNicole


⬆️Just post in here requesting to be added and I will add your username to the above list!⬆️


Voice Graphics Gallery:




Voice Performances:



⬇️Season 19 Blind Audition (Way Down We Go - Kaleo)⬇️

⬇️Blind Audition (Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott version)⬇️

⬇️Battle (Dreams - Fleetwood Mac) with Savanna Woods⬇️

⬇️Knockout (Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson - Sleeping at Last version ⬇️

⬇️Top 17 Live Playoffs (Bruises - Lewis Capaldi) ⬇️


⬇️Top 17 Wildcard Instant Save (Lose Me To Love You - Selena Gomez)⬇️


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Just sharing ~   mde a digital vector artwork for this wonderful and awesome man. I'm so glad he re-auditioned this year 💖  

So I finally changed my avi.... and choosing the coolest-looking contestant this season is a no-brainer for me. ❤️

It's not my best work, but welcome to my signature Corey!

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1 minute ago, Teraginn said:

Hi hello, please add me! 

I feel like we may be underestimating this guy. 

Added! Hopefully he can be a dark horse and sneak his way in the lives this time around.

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7 minutes ago, Dalton Eduardo said:

By making this thread this time around, I assume he makes the live shows. Add me to the fan list, though.

Added you!

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19 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

Add me, I thought he was close to a turn in S19 but picked the wrong song for his audition - seeing how this season's gone for him makes me suspect he could be easily underestimated.

You have been added!

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2 minutes ago, Teraginn said:



Corey looking good in the First Look video!

No singing snippet, but extremely interested in hearing him sing soon!

This video confirms that he is a two chair turn, not just a Kelly turn.

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  • David68 changed the title to ◄◄Corey Ward Fan Thread►►
20 hours ago, David68 said:


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You've made it to the lives on Team Kelly, Corey! Congrats!!



Not gonna lie, I liked him during his S19 audition and I was happy to see him back when he appeared in the S20 spoiler lists, but I initially wrote him off when it was revealed that he was a supposed one chair on a very stacked Team Kelly. Glad to be wrong though, seems like he is in an upward trajectory according to the spoilers. Congrats Corey and I am looking forward to rooting for ya on the road to the Playoffs!

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  • David68 changed the title to «««Corey Ward Fan Thread»»»

I know there is heavy speculation that Corey will be in the premiere anyway, but the wording on this post seemed..... interesting.


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25 minutes ago, Teraginn said:

For some reason my post had a pic that was left out, I edited it back in. Check out the story.

Yeah, I´m pretty sure he´ll be on the premiere. He seemed to have an emotional moment there with his mom, that´s something I feel they would want to showcase in the premiere.

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